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Esom DJ Academy is the ultimate DJ school you have been looking for. Our DJ program is the most Suitable and perfect for all levels of people seeking to learn to DJ whether they are complete beginners or intermediate DJ’s.

No matter what level you’re at, be it beginner or advanced. On your first day of class at Esom School of Music, your Trainer will evaluate your current skill level and determine which level it falls under in our DJ Mixing and training  curriculum and work with you from there to the top. You will Work side by side with your instructor/trainer and complete each level at your own pace. Our instructors are highly experienced DJs and more importantly, they love to teach.

We offer expert help, advice and training and make it easy for you to learn all the secrets involved in professional DJing whether you are using Laptop mixing with Traktor, Virtual DJ or Serato, and set you on the right track to being a professional DJ within no time.

We provide you with knowledge and facilitate your ability to mix, blend and program songs cleanly and crystal clearly alongside each other creatively.

We specialize in and emphasize  on one-on-one private lessons, with the aim of ensuring effective understanding of the DJ Skills passed on to you  by your  trainer.

After completing all the levels of the DJ Mixing Curriculum that are availed to you in our curriculum, you will be well on your way to whatever kind of DJ career or artistic path you desire.

The time to complete this course is based on your own progress, along with your instructor advancing you through each level.  Upon completion, you will receive the  DJ Mixing Certificate



  • Djing definition
  • Types of Djs
  • Reasons why people join Djing
  • Music styles with their BPMs


  • Virtual deck features
  • Cueing
  • Triggering
  • BPM


  • Mixer features


  • Reading the crowd
  • Selecting your music
  • Banishing mixer setting problems


  • Pitch bending
  • Timing
  • Working with the cue
  • Dj Mixer controllers


  • Adjusting the pitch


  • Different styles of scratching
  • Cross fader movements


  • Sound systems
  • Cables
  • Electricity
  • Troubleshooting sound


  • Recording a mix , How to take over


Course Duration 3 Months
Lesson Frequency Once a week
Lesson Duration 1 hour 
Lesson Fees UGX 600,000
Registration UGX 20,000

Note: Fees are paid in a maximum of 2 installments.

Deejay Course Information

DJ tips or techniques

  • Scratching: Opening and closing the cross fades becomes more difficult the moment you try to move it faster. First move it slowly then go on increasing the speed, by this you can perfect the scratch.
  • Develop a style: The tunes/songs you chose to play and how you play them work together to define your Dj-style. Your style should be expressed depending on what dub you are playing and in the type of music that is expected of you.
  • Respect the crowd: Developing your style is extremely important; however you still need to have in mind the type of people you are playing for.

Esom Dj Academy 2

87 comments on “DJ Academy
  1. Tusiime Ben says:

    i would love to join you dj school

    • ESOM says:

      Ben we are found on Rubaga road opposite kobil petrol station. You can also contact us on 0700132588 for directions. We are open Monday to Saturday.

  2. Tusiime Ben says:

    i would love to join your dj school

  3. TATA MAIKA says:

    am intreaset in that program but i would like to know you charges(school fee)

  4. Ayella says:

    Do you have boarding facilities for those from other districts?

    • ESOM says:

      We don’t have boarding facilities yet, but we help the student find accommodation around the school at a reasonable price.. If u have more inquiries you can also reach us the following numbers: 0700132588 or 0781227712

  5. Vincent says:

    Tell us about yo study time, places and during of yo term

    • ESOM says:

      We are located on Rubaga road opposite Kobil Petrol Station. The details about our schedules, fees is found on Call 0700132588. Looking forward to sharing Music ideas with you.

    • ESOM says:

      Vicent our Djing lessons are conducted 3 times a week and you study for one hour per lesson. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have nay more queries… 0700132588

  6. shikonhdae says:

    greatly interested in djing course………will contact u anyway

  7. Frank says:

    please announce your charge fee for serato

  8. DJ SHARLOM says:

    I really want 2 join en i’ll let u no soon

  9. Klar says:

    I would love to join

    • ESOM says:

      Klar here are the details about our Djing Course:

      Course duration: 3 Months
      Lesson Frequency: 3 times a week
      Lesson duration: 1 hour
      Tuition: 600,000/= Paid in maximum 3 installation
      Registration: 15,000/=

      Hope that helps! For more information I suggest you visit our office on Rubaga road opposite kobil petrol station or call us on: 0700132588

  10. sanja Edison says:

    I have been longing for this kind of programme. I will definately call on you soon

  11. kakooza vicent says:

    i am interested in your program

    • ESOM says:

      Vincent you can join us this September intakes are ongoing. Please call this number for details: 0700132588 or visit this link:

  12. Ndaisaba moses says:

    Im very happy to get on internet, im gog to going to join your school. thax

  13. Nkurunungo keneth says:

    good job

  14. okell Innocent says:

    my aim is looking for a nice place for training DJING I will let you know guys when am coming although am far in muyenga

  15. Da Real Arnold says:

    This is my destination now. I wd like to start in january is it possible? Anyway I will contact u

  16. Jordan Nadroj says:

    I just wanted to knw whether the 600000 was for the entire course

  17. FISCO says:

    I wud reali want 2 join ue…..!

  18. Seme says:

    I cant wait to be in your school by monday

  19. Midu vybz says:

    becoming a super DJ is my dream .. am sure to join u so soon

  20. orombi emma says:

    what can you tell me about the dj trials after every lessions

  21. Oswana Emmanuel says:

    i love the fact that you talk about reading the crowd that is a common mistake made by the majority of the djs

  22. greg laurence says:

    but damn,guys..that fee

  23. Sanya Samuel says:

    Do i still have anather chance to join 2015′

  24. DJ Kepz says:

    I want to know whether that 600,000 is for the course and the accommodation coz am far ( Koboko)
    and secondly the level of education or any person can join?

    • ESOM says:

      Hi Kepz, The 600,000/= is just for the course which runs for 3 months. Admission fee is 20,000/=. As for accommodation you would need to get accommodation around the school. The only per-requiste to the course is love and passion for Dee Jaying. We give all the necessary skills needed to get started as a DJ. Hope that helps. 0700132588

  25. Theodore says:

    I am from Rwanda and I wish to learn as Dj there, but what can you help your students after courses? Like school practice or others.
    Thank you a lot.

  26. ojok kenneth says:

    I wud love to join the school but can the payments be in installments

  27. sam d senior says:

    hi esom. does the dj course include things like, drop production, video editing for transitions scratching. enlighten me.

  28. Mukaga john says:

    Pliz i would like to be atechnician and a dj… how can that happen.

  29. Mukaga John Augustine says:

    i want to to be a sound engineer and a dj…. and i want to join before this month ends….. am positively waiting for ur feed back

  30. Tumuboine says:

    I am looking to a DJ to operate my music system.
    employment terms (when i get a contract).
    Call now on 0782408191

  31. Tumukunde Markjoe says:

    How long does the course take?

  32. muyomba alex says:

    I would like to join your academy…

  33. muyomba alex says:

    Where can I find this academy?

  34. Tumukunde Markjoe says:

    i want to join you, my question is if i finish would you help me get a job

  35. Englishmann says:

    Do you have plans of having a branch in Mbale? I’m in Karamoja and its simple for me to enroll for Djeeing if you open up a branch in Mbale.


  36. Sammy Abbra Stevens says:

    i think 1 hr lesson once a week for 3 months does not give someone enough time for practicing on equipment n practice matters alot in deejaying art as i see.

    • ESOM says:

      Sammy the school offers the student with space and equipment for 6 days a week. Lessons are conducted once a week, but the rest of the week is dedicated to practicals. Hope that clarifies it for you! 0700132588

  37. nambiropatricia says:

    are the djaying fee negotiable.. and CD the duration be extended to like two hrs . and like twice in a week.

    other wise WD wish to join

    • ESOM says:

      The fees are fixed. And there is no need to extend to two hours. Deejaying is a very practical subject so what matters most are the practice sessions. The school offers space and equipment throughout the week to students for practice. 0700132588

  38. Sam D Selekta says:

    hi Esom, can I still join the Dj academy in Feb? Thanks. email mi.

  39. Mowzey.jay says:

    Its great dat i have found u but one question, do u offer jobs to your stundents after completing da course?

    • ESOM says:

      Hi Jay, unfortunately we don’t offer jobs. Our role is to train. However we often get people calling us asking for people who can work for them in the field.

  40. Morison Mushabe says:

    the xul is very perfect, bt need to talk agently

    • ESOM says:

      Thanks Morison,

      Well I suggest you contact us using our whatsapp number: 0700132588 or find some time and pay us a visit. We are located along Rubaga road opposite kobil petrol station after former pride theater..

  41. Mujabi Mark Phillip says:

    Hello Esom, what I really want to know is if it’s possible for a person to join at any time within a year? And if yes, can it be easy to catch up well. Thank u

    • ESOM says:

      Hi Mark,

      Our deejaying lessons are conducted on a one on one basic which makes it possible for someone to enroll any time of the year. I hope that helps! For more information I suggest you contact us using our whatsapp number: 0700132588

  42. david says:

    do you enroll children also and which age bracket?

  43. dj muge says:

    i would like to join

  44. Agaba Drake Church says:

    Please i would like to join Dee jaying Class, am Always free on Friday After lunch and saturday, 600000 for three months is alot coz in 3months i will only attend 24 times, so please deduct for me en we sting!

    • ESOM says:

      Hi Agaba,

      Actually our deejaying lessons are conducted once a week for 3 months which are 12 weeks. The rest of the week is dedicated to practice. The school offers free practice from Monday to Saturday. For more information I suggest you contact us using our whatsapp number: 0700132588 or visit us on Rubaga raod opposite Kobil petrol station after former pride theater.

  45. katumbaliam says:

    wat do i need 2 start with

    • ESOM says:

      Hi Katumba

      You would need to pay 20,000/= admission fee and at least 60% of the tuition. For more information I suggest you contact us using our whatsapp number: 0700132588

  46. alinda says:

    Gud opportunity for mi

  47. home page says:

    say thanks to so a lota lot for your web site it helps a lot

  48. DJ-Duch says:

    Great course there but I feel one day a week ain’t enough for me, could there be another package with atleast 3times a week

  49. Joseph says:

    Hello well me I hav a company I dj for and I know how to set up everything but I need hands on techniques on scratching cause I practice on my Numark controller so does that get me to study at a reduced cost

  50. eliaa says:

    What else do you require minus fees and do u normally help Djs who have just completed to find small platforms to start from. Thanks hoping to join in much

  51. ELIA RUYON GA says:

    love to join before feb ends. i wish to be agreat dj in uganda is it possible

  52. akampulira jonathan kadidi says:

    where ar u located koz i wud lyk to join u plz…….

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