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Unique Sound Egneering Program

We aim at training Learners into true Potential,  Professional Sound Engineers.This Sound Engineering Course is for students who want to follow a career as Sound Engineers, Music Producers, or Audio Specialists, with a focus on technical production skills. The Program of  Sound Engineering  is designed for those students who demonstrate desire and abilities in both music and engineering and are interested in music technology, sound recording & production, electrical engineering, and audio equipment design.

We directly expose our students to the Entertainment Industry from their first day on campus. Daily interaction with industry professionals is almost unavoidable! and students are immediately absorbed, by their very presence, into this exciting Entertainment world. Our teachers are celebrated Musicians and Scholars who are equally acclaimed as brilliant teachers who love and enjoy to teach

Large sections of the Curriculum are practical with the use of the state-of-the-art studio for real recording sessions and live concert projects. The Teaching curriculum at Esom  introduces learners to the principles of sound, perception, audio technology and systems, Latest digital recording technology formats and computer based interfaces . It is ideal for anyone concerned with audio and sound  recording who would like a really good grounding in theory and industry practice. Stereo and surround sound principles are described and taught in details.

Course Duration 1 Year, 3 terms
Lesson Frequency Once a week
Lesson Duration 1 hour 
Lesson Fees UGX 720,000 Per Term
Registration UGX 20,000

Note: Fees are paid in advance and paid in a maximum of 3 installments.

Location: Plot 609 Rubaga road opposite kobil petrol station.

Tel: 0700132588

Recording Studio Setup Budget: Click here

Sound Engineering Course Information

83 comments on “Sound Engineering
  1. julian says:

    We love your services

  2. Abraham costa says:

    Hi am really interesting to attend the sound engineering course but for short time like one month how much is the cost please let me know thanks



    • ESOM says:

      Hi Phillip, thanks for visiting our site! I suggest you visit our office on Rubaga road opposite kobil petrol station after former pride theater. 0700132588

  4. Arnold says:

    i wd like to study sound engineering
    but then, what is the course outline for it at esom, like for the full course duration

  5. Gabriel says:

    Hello Esom,
    i would like a skill in sound engineering,my question is who is eligible and where are the opportunities after training.

    • ESOM says:

      Please visit our office on Rubaga road opposite kobil petrol station for more information..
      You can also contact us using the following number: 0700132588

  6. tonny says:

    is its possible to take this course for jst like a short course?

    • ESOM says:

      Yes Tonny you can finish the course in a shorter period. You will be studying 3 times a week for two months at a cost of 600,000/=. Admission fee is: 15,000/= Hope that helps!

  7. Kanyange Bright says:

    What is the difference between audio production and sound engineering courses

  8. ESOM says:

    Moses we currently have group lessons for guitar piano and vocal training.

    • ssekalere geoffrey says:

      i want to do live sound, especially measurements and system optimization using scientific methods like SMAART

  9. Josh says:

    hey, am jst asking if it’s possible to do audio production, piano, guitar, vocal lessons and song writing in the same semester. and hw much it wud cost?
    and hw long it wud tek, basically the course outline and prices if I were to do all that?

    • ESOM says:

      Josh our courses focus individual items. We don’t have a course outline which is tailored to all the four you asked about. However song writing and vocal training can be combined. So you would be paying for the following:

      1. Audio Production: 600,000/= per term. Course Duration one year divided into 3 terms
      2. Piano Lessons: 216,000/= per term. Duration: 1 year
      3. Guitar Lessons: 216,000/= per term. Duration: 1 year
      4. Vocal/Song writing: 216,000/= per term. Duration: 1 year

      Alternatively, for Piano, Vocal and Guitar you could enroll on a group lesson basis at 90,000/= per item, perm term. However you would need to hurry because we have limited places and group lessons are to kick off on the 2nd of March 2015. Registration is 20,000/=

  10. mugarura robert says:

    i want know more about you

  11. Hamza roy says:

    sorry I want to be a student but am a Tanzanian boy so am asking there’s a chance from person like me to be the student and if there’s where I can stay

    • ESOM says:

      Yes Hamza Roy we already have students from Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Sudan and Kenya. So once again yes you can join us. 0700132588

  12. Rackara Emmanuel says:

    I would like to join and study sound engineering can you walk me through the steps

  13. Gift Peter says:

    I am gift peter from juba I would be much interested in join u guys but apart from physical being there, do u do along distance….

  14. Gift Peter says:

    catch mi up on ma mail address

  15. Denis says:

    I have been calling the above number for two good days to ask when the next intake will takeplace but the number has been off including the watsapp so help me solve that thanx

  16. RONNIE says:

    am realy interested so where is the school located

  17. Nath Emma says:

    Sound Engineering Lessons, Just Once a Week n Just 4 an hour…. Can I have my days extended if I join up..

  18. Roman says:

    what are the requirements needed to do the sound engineering course & when is the enrollment of the knew students taking place.

  19. Roman says:

    does the 600k tuition fee go for the full course..!??

  20. Roman says:

    what period of time does one term take..!!??

  21. Jei says:

    I would like to be clear on whether you offer saxophone lessons, i dont see them in the offered lessons but i would appreciate if the instrument is one of those taught.

  22. kempanju harrison says:

    If am tu join esom after ma form 6 tu take dat course for sound engineering for two months i mean December and january will u find me a place fr residence

  23. II wud love tu learn sound engineering for two mounths is it posible actually from december dis year

  24. ocen samuel baker says:

    I am really interested to learn audio production and voicing for aperiod of one month due to work and other commitement, is it possible.

    • ESOM says:

      Yes it is possible! You will be studying 3 times a week and spend the rest of the days practicing. For more information call this number: 0700132588

  25. GUDEN EMMA says:

    well am interested in sound engineering and music production, so am lill bit concerned about the period and terms and conditions ton meet.

    • ESOM says:

      Guden each of the above course last for one year. However the students it’s advisable for the student to choose either of the two as opposed to both. 0700132588

  26. Oculi says:

    Am interested. In Sound Engineering.
    My question is, are piano and guitar lessons included since we will be. Producing Music

    • ESOM says:

      Well we give you a few tips on piano. However we strongly recommend that you also enroll for piano lessons. I suggest you visit our school and talk with one of our course advisers.

  27. Joseph fredrick says:

    I would like to study sound engineering course for one year so I would like to receive admission letter

  28. OKELLO BRENTO says:

    Iam in interested in live sound production, though iam far and can’t be reporting weekly.
    How can I be best helped

    • ESOM says:

      Hi Okello,

      You didn’t say where you are from. Anyway, in your case we would recommend you find time and visit our offices along Rubaga road opposite Kobil petrol station and we talk more about it.

  29. manuellah says:

    wud like to knw if its possible for a person without the uneb certificate of S.4 or S.6 to sturdy all that at esom or it ain’t possible.

  30. Sembooze Willy says:

    1) I would like to know the next date of admission for group classes of Piano or whether the system is flexible.

    2) Is it possible or even advisable to combine both Guitar and Piano within the same term because I am interested in both and immediately?

    3) How many terms do I require in order to learn a piano?

    • ESOM says:

      Hi Willy,

      1. as far as group registration is concerned we have a few places remaining and we are stopping admitting this week.
      2. Yes you can combine both Guitar and Piano. However each of the instrument is paid for separately
      3. Most of our students after 3 terms can play the instrument


  31. Gracious says:

    Thank You ESOM. I would like to enroll on sound engineering course. when is the next intake?
    could u send me course outline?

    • ESOM says:

      Gracious I suggest you find some time and pass by the school to get more information about our sound engineering course. We are located along Rubaga road opposite kobil petrol station after former pride theater. 0700132588

  32. Hamza Roy says:

    Hellow am Hamza Roy from Tanzania sor i wanna be a student in esom can i get a mail for mor detail

  33. David says:

    Do you enroll children also and of which age bracket?





  36. Charlie Kob says:

    Is there a discount for studying both audio production and sound engineering.
    And since the lessons are once a week, are students allowed in school on the other days.

    • ESOM says:

      Hi Kob,

      We will talk about the discount when you come at the school. And yes we allow the student in school the other days of the week.


  37. isack katinde says:

    am in Tanzania ,i want to study sound engineering how can you help me

    • ESOM says:

      Hello Isaac,

      We have students from Rwanda and we have had students from Tanzania. Our international students get accommodation around the school. For more information I suggest you contact us using our whatsapp number: 0700132588

  38. Denis says:

    Hi am Denis from Tanzania for its be so long time many years I was looking for where I can lern about sound engineering,in Tz we don’t hav this so today I just say let me try to find it in nertwek and it’s like miracle to me to see there is teachers in Africa,am very happy so plz plz in Jesus name let me know how things is there I wanna real to join with you people, for now am in uganda for ministry, all things am doing still there is voice in telling about sound so plz plz

  39. Kojo says:

    Please mail me the course outline too

  40. Rass Mbwana Rass says:

    Hey, am in Tanzania and i need to join for a full course…So i need to know what to do so that to be there for studies…PLEASE REPLY ME THROUGH EMAIL…Thank you..

  41. Rass Mbwana Rass says:

    Sorry but i nef to be there as soon as possible

  42. Rass Mbwana Rass says:

    Sorry but i need to be there as soon as possible

    • ESOM says:

      Plot 609 Rubaga Road, Kampala Uganda
      Tel: 0700132588, 0781227712

      • Course: Sound Engineering
      • Course Duration: 3 terms
      • Duration Per term: 12 weeks
      • Lesson Frequency: Once a week
      • Personal study and research: Monday to Saturday
      • Intakes: Open
      • Award: Certificate in Sound Engineering

      By end of the course you will be able to:

      1. Understand the fundamentals of sound
      2. Setup and *Connect Sound Systems*
      3. Record and Edit Audio
      4. Create sound for Film
      5. Record and Edit MIDI
      6. Troubleshoot Sound Equipment
      7. Record Live Shows
      8. Mix sound for live shows
      9. Produce Music
      10. Use turntables etc.


      1. Admission Fee: 20,000/=
      2. Tuition per term: 720,000/=
      3. Certificate Fee: 20,000/=
      4. Development Fee: 20,000/=
      5. Field Work (3rd term): 200,000/=

      Terms of Payment:

      We accept a maximum of two (2) installments. 60% and 40% respectively


      1. Free access to video tutorials for sound Engineering
      2. Access to the instructors during the week
      3. Be part of the band sessions (Setup)
      4. Free T-shirt
      5. Free usage of the school’s digital library
      6. Free weekly quizzes on your phone via whatsapp
      7. Meet likeminded people
      8. Free internet access
      9. Make connections with people in the entertainment industry
      10. Platform to kick start a career as a sound engineer

  43. Nathaniel Senje says:

    Hello. I’m from Tanzania and I am interested in attending ESOM for sound engineering programs. Would you kindly email me the course outline, so I may know the contents of the course. Also, I would like to know how do you offer accommodation for abroad students?

  44. david says:

    may i take a look at your course outline

  45. myblog says:

    I enjoy this website – its so usefull and helpfull

  46. Martin says:

    i need to know the duration of the terms, requirements and finally Syllabus.

    • ESOM says:

      Hello Martin, I suggest you contact us using our whatsapp number for prompt replies. 0700132588 alternatively you could pay us a a visit. We are located along Rubaga road opposite Kobil petrol station just after former pride theater.

  47. Joel boniface Mwantona. says:

    hi ESOM I have been more interested by your courses especially sound engeneering but i want to know by studying that will i get benefits easly thus i can be employed and to win this life

  48. Joel boniface Mwantona. says:

    ESOM Its very smart i apriciate

    Thank you!

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