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“Esom is really the source of music, It has provided me with all the skills that I need because I am now good at playing the piano, the audio production teachers are also caring.”

Roberts Scott- Audio Production

“Esom is a good music school and it is the school where you learn and understand in the shortest time possible. The teachers are friendly and cooperative, they take there time to make you understand, they make you feel at home. The school is very clean and it maintains its hygiene always. The school is good at keeping time in a way that students don’t need to wait outside closed doors when they come early.”

Ayebale Beatrice- Piano

“Classes are going on well, the teachers guide me in-case of a problem. I am picking up with vocal training which was a challenge to me.”

Joseph Viper

“Esom has a good learning environment because the teachers attend to the students individually. The teachers and fellow students are just friendly. It’s fun and educative studying with Esom. Thanks a lot to everyone who approaches the school.”

Kizito Abdulkarim Mugai- Djing

“I love the environment, all the instrumental is great. I am so happy to be one of the students.”

Semiu David- Djing

“I joined ESOM school of music on 02/02/15 for piano and mastering. Without hesitating ESOM is everything to the dream of  music. ESOM has skillful teachers, nice staff that are doctors of customer care. The staff are always  happy and this makes learning quite peaceful and interesting. If  you really love music your goals will be achieved with ESOM music school.”

Imgabire Mucho- Piano and Mastering

“The environment is just good and cool, actually i have nothing like a bad comment about ESOM. My teacher is the best because all things are easy to learn with him. You should keep the spirit up.”

Musisi Dennis- Vocal Training

“ESOM is very patient when it comes to school fees, It has what it takes to teach a student for example; the teachers are professional, the instruments are available and reliable and the location of the school is favorable. The receptionist is very welcoming and she understands peoples problems and arguments.”

Mugisha Cloude- Audio production

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15 comments on “Testimonials
  1. martha Ddambya says:

    Am kindly requesting, do you conduct holiday classes for students,
    my children are aged 6,and 8, are they eigible?

    Do you have other affiiate centres where i can take them because i come from the other side of town ie Lugazi yet i really want my children to learn how to play musical instruments.

    In case you have any suggestion, i still welcome it.



  2. alex vandas says:

    can you post me i wana get train and sing in my own language,is it possible

  3. Tumuboine says:

    please let me have a DJ i can employ in business.

  4. kiyemba julius says:

    the reception was good at my first visit though the closing hours need to be extended up to 7pm

  5. elisha alfred says:

    i am a foreign student and i really wanna join the collage,,what about accomordation and inatake of 2016,,piano

    • ESOM says:

      Alfred our foreign students get accommodation around the school. Our 2016 intakes are taking place in January. 0700132588

    • umoli ukech says:

      i’m from s.sudan and i have interest in doing sound engineering short course. may i get the course outline for that course? secondly, how much do for accomodation?

  6. Twongyeirwe Enock says:

    Would like to attend classes with you. Am upcountry thats where i work from. Am allocated only five days per month thats the only time i can be in Kampala.
    Can that work for me?
    How much are your charges?

    Your response please

  7. Lucky says:

    Working upcountry bt interested in learning bass guitar, hw can u help on that

  8. Kirabo Nicholas says:

    hi am intersted in music production do uoffer degrees

  9. matovu james says:

    i some time back passed by and i saw the sign post of this lovely institution, but because as a disabled person i very much feared for my self because my wallet is not worthy bargaining for some thing even though i have all what it takes to bring on seen anew style into singing (country music. its not very much a darling music to many Ugandans but my passion for it is beyond imaginable- am humble Ugandan who very much want to promote my singing skills but i lack a single shilling to pay as tuition if i could go for karaoke and earn some coins i would pay to guitar and voice course, my humble prayer and request for a bursary please if possible. may the heavenly glory shine upon you all and once more please all i ask for is a scholarship.PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. umoli ukech says:

    i’m from south sudan interested in doing sound engineering. how much will you me for accomodation?

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