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ESOM (Eternity Source of Music): started out in 2006 out of a desire to lift and enable Ugandan music and musicians to compete on the international scene. It aims to merge the two main important things in all aspects of life which is: Knowledge and Skill. At ESOM we believe that you have to know what you are playing or singing and as well be able to play what you know. We believe in giving people the net and not the fish. We give people what they need to play or sing songs not just teach them how to play or sing songs. ESOM is build on Christian background thus the word “Eternity” As we might all know that music and singing will go on for eternity.

The name ‘eternity’ was acquired from a strong belief that God has always and will always provide for his children forever (ETERNITY). Eternity Music School is located in Kampala city center, the capital of Uganda, on Plot 600 Namirembe Road after Centenary Rural Development Bank.

The Objectives of ESOM

  • To pass on practical kills in guitar, drums, piano, music theory and vocal training.
  • To be able to provide life long skills to vulnerable children/youths of the street/ghetto whose plight is at stake, the same way Daniels’ was, hoping that one day they would attain hope and appreciate life while enjoying all their birth rights
  • To avail opportunities for future artists/musicians to catch up with international music challenges in being able to play at least an instrument and do live vocal performances. This will also take Uganda’s music to another level.
  • To build a strong foundation for a sustainable income source out of our own talents and skills. To help and encourage artists to venture into their God given creativity to come up with new ideas instead of getting stuck in the same old ideas and styles.
  • To encourage live performances instead of people doing it all from the CD which would all increase opportunities for the instrumentalist earn a living from their talents.

ESOM employs experienced professional and talented instructors for teaching all styles and levels of music. Our instructors work with students to bring them to the point where they have the ability to play by ear and able to play new songs laid before them. Musical ensembles offer a healthy outlet and social structure for all musicians. After this, the student may wish to progress to recording arts education and/or become a music educator.
Whether you aspire to become a classical musician, enjoy the creativity of improvisational jazz, or just want to play around the campfire, Eternity source of music is a place where anyone’s musical dreams can come true.