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Audio production

Audio production, our music students taking audio production course are equipped with skills to do high quality music production with a professional touch that matches the international standard.

Audio production at ESOM goes ultimately beyond just software education and explores the core elements involved in inspiring and shaping your music creations.


With Our professionally developed Curriculum, musicians and creative performers will be able to develop their own unique blend of creation, production and professional skills, for a music career in the music industry.


This program meets both the needs for the beginners, those with basic knowledge and those who have some audio production skills, all at ESOM School of music are catered for.Our Music Production programs/courses,  are offered throughout the year with flexible class schedules which are Primarily based on a one-on-one Scheme (that is Teacher and Student), with the aim of ensuring effective understanding.


We take you through a journey of 12 weeks where we teach you from:

1. Buying and Procuring the Studio Equipment you need for your recording.

2. Setting up the Equipment,

3. Designing your studio

4. Tracking,

5. Programming

6. Recording vocals,

7. Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

8. Editing

9. Mixing

10. Mastering.

11. Sound for film.

For Those Interested in Holistic Learning We Offer the Following:

Certificate in Audio Production: 1 year

Short courses are also offered in:

  • Mixing: 2 weeks
  • Mastering: 2 weeks
  • Mixing and Mastering: 4 weeks


Charges UGX 720,000 per term (3 terms)for the course  above:

    • Mixing (4 weeks) UGX 240.000
    • Mastering (4 weeks) UGX 240,000
    • Mixing and Mastering (4 weeks)  UGX 480,000
    • Djing UGX 600,000 (3 months)

    Audio Production Long Course: 1 year

 Audio Production course Information

Note: The fees are paid in advance and are non-refundable. You can pay the full amount at the beginning of the lessons or pay in 2 installments.


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