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INTRODUCTION (Company Profile/ Information and Background)

Eternity source of music, Inc. (ESOM) is a fully registered private limited liability company created to provide endless tangible and intangible music products to its clients. The company was started in 2006 operating as a partnership business and with continued growth, its vision bearers decided to register it as a limited liability company (LLC) in Uganda, hence joining the corporate world on the 18th of November 2011.

The Company provides a range of products through its various departments aiming at fulfilling demands of its clients in all aspect.

Eternity source of music thus exists to meet the demands of the enormous music industry in Uganda through provision of goods and services directly required in the production and performance of music.



To be the largest center of music requirements in East Africa


To provide high quality professional music services and goods to individuals, groups and organizations


Eternity Source of Music(ESOM), Inc. provides goods and services to both individuals and corporate clients. Through our numerous departments, all that is required in the production performance and consumption of music is made available and with a competent professional workforce, no stone is left unturned in ensuring satisfaction to our clients.


1. ESOM School of Music; this is the educative and training arm of the company. It is basically concerned with the teaching and training of music to clients who require its services.
It has a team of  Competent and professional staff who are committed to fulfilling the dreams of learners.

A range of courses is offered at ESOM School of Music and below is a list of some of them:

a) Piano
b) Music Theory
c) Voice
d) Violin
e) Wind Instruments
f) Guitar
g) Audio Production
h) Video Editing
i) Drums
j) Dance
k) African Percussion etc.

Each course among the above lasts for 2 months for elementary learning, 3-9 months for basic learning and 2 years for holistic learning. At the end of each stage of learning, a student is awarded a certificate but after such a student has attained the required pass mark.


This is a well equipped modern state of the art audio recording studio with the best sound in East Africa.

The producers in ESOM Records are competent, professional and committed to serving clients to satisfaction. We have a standby power system that helps out in case hydro power goes off.

We produce all forms of music you may think of and as a customer service, we help our clients determine which form of music they sing.

We are so cautious of the copyright  laws in Uganda and neighboring countries, therefore our clients are assured of protection of their songs from piracy.

3. ESOM Video Production

This department caters for the making of high quality  music videos. Our clients from ESOM Records are provided with this service at a discount. The prices are affordable for all clients even those that require our services from other studios.

4. ESOM Information Technology Services

Our IT Department is concerned with serving clients who are in need of IT related services such as installation of software, repairs, Data Recovery, Software designing for companies and institutions among others.
We have a team of experts in information technology who work to a client’s satisfaction.

5.Esom Music Shop


This is a shop containing all music equipment and literature. In this shop, we have all that our client may require to satisfy his/her music demands.

We have a variety of music equipment ranging from manual to electronic items. We have acoustic guitars, violins, clarinets, Piano Keyboards, Electric, and Bass Guitars, Drums, headphones, microphones, loud speakers, cables, amplifiers, Studio equipment to mention but a few.

ESOM Shop also provides a variety of music literature for sale in the form of tutorials, audio cassettes decoders, and books etc, sold at affordable prices to interested clients.

6.Esom Band


Eternity Source of music Band is a group of performers professionally nurtured and trained by Esom School of music to perform professionally to different audiences.

This Band performs all forms of music around the world in response to the global village demands of the entertainment industry.

We have the best instruments in Uganda’s Music Industry and all our performance is live on stage with performers and accompanists.

Our Goals/Objectives

In Eternity source of music we aim at ensuring the following:-

• Offering quality services in the field of music production, training and performance to both existing and potential customers.
• To establish a well motivated, highly skilled and productive workforce in Uganda’s music industry.
• Becoming a profitable and financially sound institution capable of meeting our financial needs.
• Becoming the east African’s best producers of quality music through our production department.
• We aim at professionalizing music performances in Uganda through promotion and nurturing of young artists through specific programs, in partnership with other stakeholders.

We are much aware that in order to acquire and maintain a satisfied customer, the under mentioned are very crucial for our sustainability.

a) Ethics and integrity

We strongly emphasize working under professional ethics and maintaining a high level of integrity in Eternity Source Of Music, Inc.

b) Team Work:

Without good teamwork, we would not be what we are. In our company teamwork is what keeps us moving together.

c) Innovativeness:

A company without innovation ends up losing clients because clients always want new ideas. Here in Eternity Source of Music Inc. We are quite conversant with this issue and we always work to meet our customer’s expectations.

c) Perseverance:

Even in hard time when inflation is at its highest peak, we make sure that we survive to serve our customers to satisfaction.

d) Customer Care:

Our good image is always outspoken by the clients we serve and we jealously crave to keep it through provision of customer care services to all our clients regardless of their size or appearance and whether direct or through our agents.


Eternity Source of Music Inc. is under stewardship of an experienced competent board of trustees with a vast expertise in public and private business management.


Eternity Source of Music Inc has a competent management team headed by the chief Executive Officer as the top manager of the company. The staff is also committed to serving customers with diligence.


Eternity Source of Music is located on plot 609, Rubaga Road opposite Ugafode Microfinance Uganda Limited.


1. Centenary Rural Development Bank Namirembe Road Kampala P.O.Box 1892, Kampala
2. Stanbic Bank Uganda


Mulira and Co. Advocates
Plot 17/19 Kampala Road
2nd floor, Diamond Trust Building
P.O.Box 182


We are proud of our services to our esteemed customers who range from individuals to corporate level.

Over the years we have served various clients and we hope to serve more as we move towards our greater vision.

“fulfilling music desires endlessly”