Differences between Group Lessons and Private Lessons


While we are still providing music solutions to Uganda and East Africa as a whole, you may easily notice that of late we started encouraging people to enroll for Group Lessons like they do in Private Lessons. These lessons (Group and Private) of course have some similarities and differences and the prices differ.

This has sparked a number of questions from our readers and fans around the world about the differences or benefits of private and group Lessons. Let’s discuss some of the most obvious differences between private and group Lessons.

Before we go further, let’s first make certain that we understand what we are going to differentiate. Private Lessons (at ESOM) are music lessons conducted with a teacher teaching one student in a lesson. It can be easily called one on one lesson. On the other hand Group Lessons include the teacher teaching a group of students at the same time. The group normally has 4 to 8 students (one to many)

Differences between Group and Private Lessons

  1. Private lessons are designed with a high level of student convenience. A student selects the most appropriate time s/he can have to have lessons unlike Group Lessons which have a fixed timetable. This would be appropriate for anyone to study in their own convenient time.
  2. We all understand that sometimes unavoidable situations come along. In this case, private lessons are very flexible that when you notify the administration in time, your lessons can be rescheduled to another time, unlike Group Lesson where others can study and you miss. For example, you can miss a group class lesson when you are sick but you can reschedule a private class lesson to another time when you are sick.
  3. Easy expression. We have different levels of expression. These levels can be determined by factors like language barrier, natural disabilities among others. These can as well affect the levels of self-esteem and may affect people in Groups. For example, you may hesitate to ask a question in a group when you have poor grammar unlike in Private Lessons where you are free with the teacher.
  4. Private Lessons favor many languages where the instructor can freely interact with the student in an agreed whereas Group Lessons are mostly conducted in English.
  5. Crash Course. Did you ever want to do something but you are always busy with work? A moment comes and you have a month’s time leave, yes you can study a course in the shortest possible time and this is only possible in private Lessons. You will realize that it is impossible to give crush lessons to a group of people.
  6. Study Break. Though not encouraged because of the setbacks they bring in the progress, study breaks sometimes come along. These can pause the lessons for about 2 weeks. These study breaks are only offered to students on private lessons.
  7. Intakes and Enrollment: Group Program intakes can expire and are fixed to specific dates whereas Private Program intakes are always open. You can come anytime register and start your private lessons right away unlike in Group intakes where you have to wait for the next intake before you can start lessons.
  8. Amount charged. The amount charged for private lessons is higher than the amount charged by Group lessons. You will realize that even though Group Lessons are favorable for low-income earners, they are not convenient. Private lessons are also affordable with a basket full of benefits.

NOTE: All lessons at the end can help you achieve your basic objectives but private lessons can do it in a more simpler way.

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    Wow!! This is great. I now understand what to choose

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