How to clean your Guitar: by ESOM School of Music.

No matter how much  you frequently use your guitar, the fret-board just needs to be cleaned once or twice a year. All you generally need to clean your guitar is some elbow grease and a soft dry cloth or you may use a damp cloth that has been well wrung out.

clean-guitarIn fact,the professionals at Esom School of Music recommend that the best and least expensive way to improve your guitar’s appearance and performance is to run a systematic cleaning and here are a few guidelines that you need to follow when dealing with the dirt, gum, dust and smoke that may have built up on your guitar: otherwise you risk permanently damaging the quality and reverberation of your instrument.

Whether it’s an acoustic or an electric that you’re aiming to clean, these tips still apply as listed below.

  1. Remove your strings.
  2. Clean your fret board.
  3. Clean your bridge.
  4. Polish your finish.
  5. Protect your guitar.(keep it in guitar bag)

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In summary: With your strings off, you have much better access to your fret board and to avoid oils and cloth from coming into contact with your strings. Then Work the cloth down the fret board. For spots that are predominantly tough to get out, you can try using the edge of any plastic card or a small toothbrush a pipe cleaner. Then Spray a dry cloth and polish each of your guitar parts to get them gleaming.

Music Lessons FAQs (15)

How do I enroll at Esom?

Do one or two of the following to enroll for a course.

While most people have not found it easy to find a good music school that can fulfill their desires, i count you lucky to have at last found yourself on this page.

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  • Come to the school on plot 609 Rubaga Road opposite Kobil Petrol Station
  • Download a registration form from the website fill it in bring it to the above address with UGX 20, 000 registration fee.
  • You can call or whatsapp 0700132588
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What are the charges for learning an Instrument?

for different instrument is available here.

What are your payment options?

Payments can be made by:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Mobile Money
  • Bank Transfer

Do I need to have an instrument to enroll for lessons?

The school provides the instrument(s) during lesson and practice at the premises. However Esom strongly recommends acquiring one for consistent practice off the school premise.

How Can I make practicing easier?

The following are a few helpful hints to make practice time easier and more enjoyable:

  1. Practice at the same time each day. Practicing may also      be divided into two daily sessions. For example, 20 minutes of practice      may be divided into two 10 minute sessions.
  2. Focus on the number of repetitions required for a      certain exercise rather than the duration. For example, play a piece four      times each day rather than play the piece for 10 minutes.

How much should I practice?

Esom Music School recommends a minimum of 30 minutes a day

How long does it take to learn an instrument?

There is no set answer of how long it takes to learn an instrument. With regular practice a basic level of playing can be accomplished in a few months. Most of our students take lessons on a long term basis because they want to be constantly improving and they find the lessons enjoyable.

Do you teach students who just want to take music lessons for fun?

We certainly do. Most of our students take lessons simply because they enjoy making music.

Do you teach Children?

Yes we do teach children. We start from the age of 5.

Am I too old to begin music lessons?

You are never too old to learn to play an instrument or sing. Many of our adult students have never taken music lessons before or at least not since they were children. All you need is a desire to learn and a willingness to give it a try.

Do I need to have lessons every day?

It is never necessary to have a lesson every day. It is best to meet the teacher once a week or at most 2 times and spend the rest of the week practicing on your own.

What are your opening hours?

Please follow this link: Opening hours

What are the entry requirements for ESOM Music courses?

You can take this course without any prior experience. It is creative and practical in nature so academic grades are not required to enroll. Esom School of Music ensures that students have a sound grasp of all the fundamental music skills before moving on to more complex techniques in later course modules.

Do you provide accommodation?

We do not have our own halls of residence but there are several student residences within the peripheries of the school.

I work full-time. Is it possible for me to take lessons at ESOM?

Yes. Classes are usually available in the evening and at weekends and we will be happy to arrange a timetable to fit around your work commitments. Please check with a Course Advisor 0700132588 to see what classes are available.


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