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ESOM School of music group lessons range from a group of 4 to 8 people, the classes are conducted at ESOM School of Music main branch located along Rubaga Road on Plot 609 Kampala, Uganda. These group lessons were here before and because they helped different kinds of people in various situations, they are back.

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Don’t miss a chance to enroll for your favorite instrument in and study at a fair cost.

Items Include:

  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Vocal

Charges for each of the above

FEES:  UGX 360,000/= for one Year (3 Terms).


  • Registration fee                        UGX 20,000/=
  • Practical Theory book              UGX 20,000/=
  • Development fee                      UGX 20,000/= Per Term
  • Certificate fee                           UGX 20,000/=

Note: The lessons are offered on a group basis and all the fees are paid in advance.

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Our school Term runs for 12 weeks (3months) with 1 lesson per week, the whole course will last for 36 weeks (9 Months) and free practice for the rest of the days.

Exams are done every end of the term.

We have a number of Groups as it is indicated on the Timetable you choose the one which fits your schedule.

Time Table










Reasons for having study Group Lessons at ESOM School of music

Understanding better: There are sometimes many ways to interpret information. When you study with a group, you can all bring your unique thoughts to the table and learn from one another.

 Cost friendly: This program was designed basically for those who cannot afford the private lessons; this makes the charges for music lessons at ESOM School of music

Performing with Others: This equips our music students with the knowledge to perform with others in a group. In a group, students share ideas, experience, and knowledge.

Sharing common goals: students who attend music study groups at ESOM School of music share the same goals. Study groups offer a great support system to students who wish to reinforce these goals in their music lives!

Creating Friendships: The groups are also used as a means of getting students to meet other students in their program who also live in residence. Students have the opportunity to meet together, and while discussing their course material, create friendships.














September Intake

Deadline for Registration: 4th – Sept – 17

Lessons Begin on:            5th – Sept – 17


Registration is going on at the School located along Rubaga Road on plot 609 opposite former pride. You can similarly register online with us under this link.


39 comments on “Group Lessons
  1. alex Lubega says:

    Good Morning,
    hoping all is well, just a kind request.
    for group studies, do all individuals pay either 90,000, 120,000,180,000 per term?, and about individual lessons, do they have a registration time frame or anytime i feel like enrolling, i could pay the 360,000/= for the term in a given instrument.

    kind regards
    Alex Lubega
    +256701 453313

  2. san pro says:

    i am producer from moyo @gforce rekodz i would wish to enroll for mixing an mastering…how long will i be taking…an hw much shud i be payin…..ane if there is accomodations eg hostel

  3. Mayanja Henry says:

    where are u located?

  4. kyuka ivan says:

    can i have weekend lessons

    • ESOM says:

      Ivan we only conduct lesson from Monday to Saturday and Saturday we start at 9am and stop at 2pm. And also note: We only offer individual lessons on Saturdays. Hope that helps! 0700132588

  5. bob says:

    Hi what are your schedules for the group lessons during the week?

  6. zak says:

    how much are individual lessons

  7. derrick says:

    Why don’t you have evening classes. Some people, as you should be aware of by now, work during the day

  8. Lukyamuzi Joel says:

    Where r da payments made?.

  9. ibrah whisperz says:

    I bought their a guitar 4 yrs back and i didn’t use it for long time but all the strings got spoiled how can u help me

  10. AcidFloww says:

    i was wondering do you also do songwriting on. group basis

  11. Bright. says:

    Can I have lessons from my home..and how much?

  12. Daudi says:

    Are there any arrangements to generalise classes as “music class?” where people learn various musical instruments in that a student gets chance to learn more than one musical instrument than limiting him/her to learning a single instrument.I relate this to ordinary schools where students learn different subjects as a wholesome term package at a specified cost (school fees)as opposed to English fees,Maths fees,Chemistry fees and so on.

    Kind regards,

    • ESOM says:

      Daudi unfortunately we don’t have such an arrangement. Students who want to study more than one instrument have to pay for each instrument separately. I hope that helps! For more information you could pay us a visit on Rubaga road opposite kobil petrol station after former pride theater. 07000132588

  13. maxine says:

    hey…i want to learn the violin you have group classes for those and how much .thanks

  14. Godfrey says:

    Hi ESOM
    Much appreciation for your services offered. May i kindly get a break down of the fee structure for group classes on Production and Sound engineering and the intake structure for 2016.
    Thank you
    Godfrey. B

  15. ivan rusende says:

    How I pay if I want to learn audio production,video production and dj respectively

  16. Lucky Bonny says:

    Am lucky to find such amusic school, and if God wills, I will be join Esom in 1st May,
    But i have aquetion, @90,000shs Group Study, Monday to Saturday,I learn all the Instruments(piano,guitar,etc) or there’s group for pianos, group for quitars? or you i learn all

    • ESOM says:

      Hi Lucky,

      Group lessons go for 120,000/= per term, per item. Lessons are conducted once a week, the rest of the days are dedicated to practice.

  17. Eli says:

    i express interest in learning the guitar from scratch. i would love a private lesson of 30minutes each week. However i need to know, since i may not be able to always be on premises to practice,does one have to buy there own guitar or can you sell them one at the school. I ask because i may not be able to select a good guitar.
    Secondly, how much can one learn in a term or how long does the entire course take. I love music and just have the desire to play it myself especially with the guitar, i dont need to be proffessional or for commercial purposes.

    0755 424130

    • ESOM says:

      Hi Eli,

      Yes we sell Guitars at ESOM. They range between 250,000/= and 500,000/=. As for the fees it’s 264,000/= per term. A term lasts for 12 weeks. The whole course takes 3 terms. Hope that helps! For more information I suggest you contact us using the following number: 0700132588

  18. Annet says:

    Don’t you people offer sight music reading coz am interested in it as well as a piano. Thanks

    • ESOM says:

      Hello Annet,

      Yes we train sight reading. In your case I suggest you do sight reading under piano. For more information I suggest you contact us through the following number: 0700132588

  19. Annet says:

    I would really like to have Financial details about staff notation. Thanks

  20. Moses says:

    Do you offer evening or weekend lessons for a group?
    If yes what are the cost, are they the same or they differ?

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