Group Classes

Esom School of music GROUP LESSONS range from a group of 4 to 8 people, the classes are conducted at ESOM School of Music main branch located along Rubaga Road on Plot 609 Kampala, Uganda. These group lessons were here before and because they helped different kinds of people in various situations, they are back.

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Items Include:

  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Vocal
  • Audio Production
  • Sound Engineering
  • Video Production
  • Sound Engineering

Charges for the above are as follows

Piano, Guitar or Vocal – UGX 360,000 per year

Audio Production or Sound Engineering – UGX 420,000 per term

Video Production or Djing – UGX 360,000 per term


  • Registration fee                        UGX 20,000/=
  • Practical Theory book              UGX 20,000/=
  • Development fee                      UGX 20,000/= Per Term
  • Certificate fee                           UGX 20,000/=

Note: The lessons are offered on a group basis and all the fees are paid in advance.

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Our school Term runs for 12 weeks (3months) with 1 lesson per week, the whole course will last for 36 weeks (9 Months) and free practice for the rest of the days.

Exams are done every end of the term.

We have a number of Groups as it is indicated on the Timetable you choose the one which fits your schedule.

Time Table