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QuickBooks Training

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We cater for all your QuickBooks needs:

  • Training
  • Setup
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Trouble shooting
  • QuickBooks Software Sales
  • Video Tutorials



Lesson 1:

 Setup and getting started

  • Accounting Primer
  • Creating Company Files
  • Configuring QuickBooks and Computer settings
  • Creating Customers, Vendors and Employees
  • Creating Income, Expense, Equity, Asset and Liability Accounts(Chart of Accounts)

Lesson 2:


  • Recording Investments
  • Creating Items (Services/Inventory parts)
  • Making a Sales (Creating Invoices, Sales receipts and Receiving Payments)
  • Entering Loans

Lesson 3: 

Outflows 1

  • Recording Daily Expenses
  • Receiving and Paying Bills
  • Paying the Owner(Owner’s Draw)
  • Purchasing and entering Fixed Assets
  • Servicing Loans

Lessons 4:

  Outflows 2

  • Depreciation
  • Posting advance payments
  • Accruing expenses
  • Writing off bad debts
  • Recording bank service charges

 Lesson 5: 


  • Ordering, receiving and recording Inventory
  • Managing Inventory in QuickBooks
  • Returning Items to vendors
  • Making Inventory adjustments

Lesson 6: 


  • Bank deposits
  • Bank withdraws
  • Transferring funds between accounts
  • Monthly reconciliation
  • Replenishing the petty cash

Lesson 7: 


  • Setting up payroll
  • Adding Employees
  • Preparing paychecks
  • Paying payroll liabilities

Lesson 8: 

Financial Statements

  • Profit and Loss/Income statement
  • Statement of Cash flow
  • Balance Sheet/ Statement of financial position
  • Interpreting and analyzing financial statements
  • Financial Ratios


We tailor the program to suit the needs of your organization be  it Manufacturing, Real estate, Retail, Whole sale, Pharmacies, Restaurants, NGOs(Non Profit), Salon and Beauty Centers, Agriculture Businesses, Micro finances,  etc.

Our QuickBooks training Department offers you hands  on training in the shortest time possible so that you and your team can concentrate on running your business using the acquired information for your company’s best financial results.


Try us and you wont be disappointed!







 UGX 320,000



Call: 0700132588 or 0781227712


  • The above lessons can also be done in fewer days
  • Long distance studies can also be arranged
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40 comments on “QuickBooks Training

    please inform me whether you study on sundays and where do you do it from?

    • ESOM says:

      We don’t open on sunday, but we’ve had a number of people asking whether they could be taught on Sunday. So we are looking into that. We will keep you posted. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any more inquiries. 0700132588

  2. John toang jal says:

    Congratulation for having this course to I was been looking for it since last year’s am so glad here hear that your training a professionally in quick book.am very interesting to come and join your wonderful and it’s will be successful went I see the place thank

    • ESOM says:

      Hi John, We are found on Rubaga road opposite kobil petrol station after former pride theatre. We are open Monday to Saturday. You can also use this number more inquiries and directions. 0700132588 or 0781227712

  3. John toang jal says:

    Congratulation for having this course to I was been looking for it since last year’s am so glad to hear that your training a professionally in quick book.am very interesting to come and join your wonderful and it’s will be successful went I see the place thank

  4. Thank you for this info,i need to have this package,am in fort portal,uganda,kampala

    • ESOM says:

      Hi Benon, we have sent you an email with details of the packages we have in stock. Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case you have any more queries. 0700132588

  5. Haman Gwoto says:

    Hello Thank you for this information, i have been waiting for as well, do you welcome installment payment !?

    • ESOM says:

      Yes we do accept installments. But maximum 3 installments… You can also reach us on these numbers for more inquiries: 0700132588 or 0781227712

  6. Jessica says:

    hi, i would like to know the intake days, are installment payments allowed and what are the general requirements for entry

    • ESOM says:

      Jessica our enrollments for QuickBooks Training are open. The Lessons are conducted on a one on one basic. Once you join you are given a time table. We accept 2 installment. 0700132588 or visit us on Rubaga road opposite Kobil Petrol Station..

  7. Alexander Najuna says:

    Is there a possibility of having these trainings up country like in Mbarara??????

    • ESOM says:

      Najuna current we only offer lessons in Kampala..Alternately you could didicate a weekend thats friday and saturday and you get to learn only on those days in Kampala. Our Contact: 0700132588 or visit us on Rubaga road opposite kobil petrol station.

  8. joy says:

    So interested will check on you next week

  9. Benyamin Nyaoro says:

    Hi is is possible to send me a manual to be looking at before i join for practicals?? Thanks.

    • ESOM says:

      Nyaoro the manuals and notes are given to someone after they’ve enrolled for the lessons. If you have anymore queries please don’t hesitate to contact us on: 0700132588 or email us at: info@esom-music.com

  10. Daniel says:

    Nice work!!!

  11. komugisha babrah says:

    Hi can i acess ur services after after 5:00 pm. what plan do u have for tfose are working and want to do dat course?

    • ESOM says:

      Yes Babrah you can access our services after 5pm. Apparently lessons are conducted until 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm Saturday. Please feel free to contact us on the following numbers: 0700132588 or 0781227712

  12. baguma says:

    What abt. Tally trainning?

  13. Rashidah HALIMA Nakitende says:

    Esom, i have got an idea about quickbooks, though with no certificate but i would like to get one, is there a chance for you to reduce on the fees because atleast i have the knowledge about it.

  14. Akia Betty says:

    Hi esom,

    I wd like 2 do da package but kindly email 4 mi da requirements including the fees structure.

    Hw many hours can one be tought per day?

    • ESOM says:




      UGX 240,000

      ONE HOUR
      Call: 0700132588 or 0781227712

  15. Bebwa says:

    Please think about extending the services to fortportal, I surely need to study quickbook but kampala is very far.

    • ESOM says:

      Bebwa we are currently working on offering the lessons online… We will keep you posted if you are interested in that as well..

  16. Tony says:

    l never got achance of practising excel and now l so happen to need it.Do u also have excel tutorials nd if yes what is the fee,duration and time frame.

    • ESOM says:

      Hi Tony, here are the details for learning excel:

      Cost: 160,000
      Duration: 4 weeks
      Lesson Frequency: Twice a week
      Lesson Duration: 1 hour

      Hope that helps! You can also reach us on this number for more information: 0700132588

  17. DHARMESH PATEL says:


  18. ABERO ROBINAH says:

    hello, courses offered are not bad am yet to look into it coz its encouraging.

    • ESOM says:

      Robinah you are welcome to join us. We are located on Rubaga road opposite kobil petrol station after former pride theater. You can also contact us on the following numbers: 0700132588 or 0781227712 Email: info@esom-music.com

  19. John Calvin Malinga says:

    I live and work in Karamoja region and find it difficult to meet your schedule of training in Kampala, yet I am very much interested in having a thorough knowledge of Quick Books. How can I benefit from your offer?

    Thank you.


    • ESOM says:

      Hi John, thanks for visiting our site! Well distance is always a challenge, but we are working on an online program where we would be able to offer the lessons online. But in the meantime what most of our upcountry students do is have 1 day sessions. After which they would be provided with notes, video tutorials etc. The cost for such a session is UGX 150,000 and it runs for 4 hours. For more information call: 0781227712

  20. Namukasa Annet says:

    Many thks.

    I wish to have a tutorial video in Feb 2015

    How do i access your offices and how long does it take to have it?

    Annet -Kololo

  21. Emmanuel bajole says:

    Am grateful to hear about this training, but what intakes do you have in a year or its trans year, no breaks its just a matter of applying. Need you feedback.

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