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Studio Setup Budget


Setting up a recording studio can be a very daunting, time consuming and expensive task. But with the help of a professional recording and sound engineer, you cannot only save time and money but get the right equipment for your budget, need and investment. Setting up a recording studio has no fixed price.Some studios can cost from 2 million to 5 billion Uganda shillings. So here is a reasonable low, mid and high modern studio setup budget for a recording studio.

Low Budget Recording Studio:

Item Qty Cost Each Amount
Workstation 1  UGX              400,000  UGX              400,000
Computer 1  UGX           1,200,000  UGX           1,200,000
Speakers (Monitors) 2  UGX              900,000  UGX           1,800,000
Microphone 1  UGX              400,000  UGX              450,000
Midi Controller 1  UGX              800,000  UGX              800,000
Keyboard Stand 1  UGX              120,000  UGX              120,000
Microphone Stand 1  UGX              100,000  UGX              120,000
Sound Card 1  UGX              800,000  UGX              800,000
Cables 1  UGX              200,000  UGX              200,000
GRAND TOTAL 10  UGX          4,920,000  UGX          5,890,000


Moderate Budget Recording Studio:

Item Qty Cost Each Amount
Workstation 1  UGX              600,000  UGX              600,000
Computer 1  UGX           2,000,000  UGX           2,000,000
Speakers (Monitors) 2  UGX           1,400,000  UGX           2,800,000
Microphone 1  UGX              800,000  UGX              800,000
Midi Controller 1  UGX           1,200,000  UGX           1,200,000
Keyboard Stand 1  UGX              150,000  UGX              150,000
Microphone Stand 1  UGX              200,000  UGX              200,000
Sound Card 1  UGX           2,500,000  UGX           2,500,000
Cables 1  UGX              500,000  UGX              500,000
Mixing Console 1  UGX           4,000,000  UGX           4,000,000
GRAND TOTAL 11  UGX        13,350,000  UGX        14,750,000


High Budget Recording Studio:

Item Qty Cost Each Amouth
Workstation 1  UGX              800,000  UGX              800,000
Computer 1  UGX           4,000,000  UGX           4,000,000
Speakers (Monitors) 2  UGX           2,500,000  UGX           5,000,000
Microphone 1  UGX           2,500,000  UGX           2,500,000
Midi Controller 1  UGX           2,000,000  UGX           2,000,000
Keyboard Stand 1  UGX              200,000  UGX              200,000
Microphone Stand 1  UGX              500,000  UGX              500,000
Sound Card 1  UGX           5,000,000  UGX           5,000,000
Cables 1  UGX           1,500,000  UGX           1,500,000
Mixing Console 1  UGX           8,000,000  UGX           8,000,000
GRAND TOTAL 11  UGX        27,000,000  UGX        29,500,000

Note: the above estimates include no sound-proofing and acoustic treatment.

For setup and advice please call the numbers below:



31 comments on “Studio Setup Budget
  1. Khim says:

    Hi thanks for that kind of illustration coz you know so many people bring on disappointing ideas when you like talk about starting an audio studio but its quite affordable most especially in UG

  2. philip says:

    hi,so how much does setting up a studio like urs cost

    • ESOM says:

      Philip we have sent you an email! For consultation you can reach us on this number 0700132588 or visit us on Rubaga road opposite kobil petrol station after pride theater.

  3. ssekanwagi Enock says:

    i want to learn music production deeply but am working and leave work at 6pm,wat is your advice?

    • ESOM says:

      Enock you can join us for production lessons. Our lessons last for an hour and are conducted between 8am and 8pm. I would suggest you enroll for a 7pm to 8pm session. Please call this number for more information: 0700132588 or 0781227712

  4. joel says:

    thanx for that budget info…i personally didnt know all this.

  5. abraham says:

    thanks guys. you certainly are good. i would like to learn key board . can i pay in installements?

  6. Hosea says:

    I’d been stressing to list minimum requirements 4 an audio studio and also estimate costs of setting it up, but thx to you guys for doing this for me. Looking forward to contact you soon.

  7. mas'ud says:

    hi “i would like to learn how to manage vidios and recording but i only have time at night help me please”

  8. EmReal says:

    please i want to learn more about music production especially mixing, but i don’t no how to get to you.

    • ESOM says:

      We are located on Rubaga road opposite Kobil petrol station after former pride theater. Alternatively you could use Google map to located us. 0700132588

  9. willy otala says:

    i am a very good fan of music and as per now i am working on my lyrics ,5 is now ready ,i just want to know how much i should prepare for producing them (how much is producing each song)thanks

  10. RAPHAEL SHIDA says:

    what is the difference between Low Budget Recording Studio and Moderate Budget Recording Studio in the quality of music produced, iam interested in music production it take how many month to learn music production and be best producer, can i have the best producer who we can work with in Musoma Butiama Tanzania?
    +255 6787 358123

  11. RAYHAN says:

    hiullo, hw many equipments for a dj digital workstation….i want to start with mixing n gigs before fully engaging in recordin n producin!!–just wanna mix for fun of it–how much for those ??

  12. ocen samuel baker says:

    I am interested in learning audio production. how long does it take for me to learn, and how much does it cost for ashort course.

    • ESOM says:

      Hi Ocen,

      Our short course in Audio Production lasts for 3 months at a cost of 720,000/=. Admission 20,000/=
      For more information I suggest you call this number: 0700132588

  13. tenga says:

    thax for telling me whats been disturbing for so long.But as for me i love to learn music production but i have no an s4 certificate coz i never did it for some reasons and i trust my self i can do it.May u please advise me on this.thx

    • ESOM says:

      Hi Tenga,

      Even if you don’t S4 certificate you are still eligible. Our course is more of a skill based course. For details I suggest you contact us using our whatsapp number: 0700132588

  14. Swaga Richard says:

    Thanks ESOM

  15. Nigel Patrick says:

    You are the best guys.This is the info i have been looking coz i have been struggling with the budget for starting up a recording studio

  16. Yose says:

    I thank you guys, uh wat would possibly be the cost if I would join your PRI lessons and how long

  17. teibowei marie says:

    Send me an invoice or quote with equipment for production studio and recording studio to my email. We want to set up a recording and production studio for music and languages. Thank you. Marie, coordinator, centre for foreign language and music studies

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