Nduga Robert

Robert is one of the Senior and Pioneer teachers at the school. He has trained many students and they are out there still grateful for his efforts and skills.

He loves working with students and is a team member. He dresses like a gentleman and is proud of his career.

Walugembe Jackson

I have experienced the best service from the day I joined Esom. I am very happy that i have started Audio Production at this amazing school.

Jackson / Production Student
Joel K

I had the passion long ago and even tried to teach my self but i realized that i was not making any progress. I have marked great improvement ever since i started my lessons at this school. I am really grateful and would recommend anyone

Joel K / Guitar Student
Wizz Bien

The school has everything that an aspiring producer would need. Starting from a good and modern studios, equipment and very important study resources. You are guys are awesome

Wizz Bien / Student

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