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The fundamental importance of vocal/voice training is to produce persons with a vocal ability to; Command the attention of their listeners, communicate their messages clearly to influence and inspire their listeners.

Just like any instrument, the voice training also requires equal amounts of study and practice to master the skills. However, most importantly however, is that a vocalist must obtain the right techniques that do not in any way damage the vocal chords. Professional voice training therefore plays an important role.

ESOM ‘s vocal/voice trainers have dedicated time and effort to master and perfect these techniques and their sole aim is to produce other singers with the same abilities. This is done through theoretical and practical sessions at the school where students are subjected to a variety of exercises  during voice training that bring out the best of their vocals.

Authenticity and originality is another quality that is highly emphasized. Possession of a unique yet pleasant vocal is one of the key factors that have enabled our vocal students(voice training) to stand out among all the rest.

Tips of voice/vocal training

  • Good posture; upright positioning, a long back of the neck and a shot front of the neck is advisable before you start singing
  • Therapy, always not to start singing without warming up ( vocal worm ups)for at least 15 to 20mins
  • Tongue positioning, a tongue has to be behind the teeth of the lower jaw while singing, not to abstract the oral cavity.
  • Remember to use the right vocal techniques depending on the style of music, such as vibratos.
  • Always remember to keep the throat area wet for good vocal performance, by drinking a lot of water, the temperature should be room temperature and not beverages.
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