Esom school’s Careers in Music Community!

It is for students who wish to apply their artistic, professional, and personal abilities to work in the music, visual, and sound engineering industries who are interested in joining the career role community. Whether you’re a singer, instrumentalist, DJ, conductor, dancer, actor, visual specialist, or everything in between, you’ll discover everything you need to know right here on this platform.

Pursuing excellence in music, visual, or sound engineering can also provide an array of transferable abilities, such as commercial acumen, that will be useful if you decide to pursue a job outside of, or adjacent to, your field of study. Consider options other than typical job pathways in order to build a well-rounded portfolio that reflects your individual artistic preferences.

Consider a profession as a music producer, sound engineer, musician, or a visual expert. Esom School offers lessons in guitar, violin, drums, saxophone, piano/keyboard, Djing, Audio Production, Film and Video Production, Sound Engineering, as well as classes in singing and the performing arts. You will be able to put your newly acquired skills and knowledge into action by working with our team of highly skilled instructors.

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