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All ages and skill levels are welcome to take drum lessons at the Esom School of Music. The Esom School instructors will be able to point you in the right direction whether you’re a beginner (or not so beginner) just starting out on the drums or a seasoned performer wishing to broaden your repertoire and advance your skills. The largest drumming community in East Africa is found at Esom School, which is also an excellent place to find other musicians who share your interests and with whom you can exchange musical experiences.

Certificate in Drumming

Course Overview
Modern drummers who are successful are versatile, creative players who have a good sense of touch, dynamics, and harmony between their hands. This program, which focuses on rock, jazz, and Rhythm and blues settings, will enhance your talents in these genres, beginning with the fundamentals of musicianship and technique and completing with dives into advanced improvisational techniques.

It’s never too early to start. Our Holiday program at Esom School teaches even the youngest children to play an instrument. Classes teach children how to play the drums as well as other instruments using hand percussion and perhaps other creative instruments.

Through private drum classes as well as group rehearsals, students learn to play the drums in a pleasant, friendly, yet comfortable setting, allowing them to progress more quickly. Subsequently, students have the opportunity to perform their favorite music in front of an audience.

Learning to play the drums provides students with a creative outlet, and then at Esom School, we make it an enjoyable, quick, as well as gratifying process.

We provide one-on-one classes with skilled music teachers, many of whom are also performing musicians. Students who have mastered the fundamentals can also join one of our Live Performance Groups to gain stage experience playing the drums!

  1. Learn the many rhythms used in everything we play on the drums.
  2. Learn to perform the Rudiments, which are the fundamental drumming patterns.
  3. Playing Rock Grooves can make you stand out among your pals for your impressive rhythms.
  4. Discover how to play along with well-known music
  5. Study many drumming styles, including Latin, March, Blues, and reggae
  6. Study drum music theory and how to read drum notation.

No criteria are necessary to enroll in our drumming program. We are not concerned about your academic background.
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Get hands-on training and take your drumming skills to the next level with our comprehensive course. FEB 2023 INTAKE

Study at Esom School of Music

Being in a group allows you to learn and perform ensemble compositions with others. In essence, a class turns into a spectacular (yet educational) jam session featuring the songs you love the most from your collection. This has to be the most enjoyable way to study.
Private music lessons make sure that the student has the instructor’s full attention for the whole class period. Due to the individual attention you receive, it is possible to explore concepts and procedures in more detail.
A shorter-duration version of our standard course known as a short course is offered through a private program (normally 6 weeks). A student in one of our short courses receives two classes per week along with weekly practice.
Our sessions are interactive and entertaining, and our instructors provide real-time feedback and direction to our students while they stay attentive through meaningful discussions and learn the solutions to all of their musical queries.

Key Details

Course Duration 9 Months (3 Terms)
Duration Per Term 3 Months
Lesson Frequency Once a Week
Free Guided Practice Once a week
Personal Practice Mon – Sun
Group Intakes Feb and Aug
Private Intake Open

Transform your passion for drumming into a career with our comprehensive course. FEB 2023 INTAKE

Drumming Lessons

Career Opportunities

  • Adaptive Arts Teacher
  • Bandleader
  • Concertmaster
  • Church Musician
  • Cover Band Musician
  • Cruise Ship Musician
  • Instrument Repair Technician
  • Music Director (Theater and Opera)
  • Performing Songwriter
  • Private Music Instructor
  • Session Musician
  • Soloist

Get hands-on training with our expert drum instructors and gain real-world experience in our drumming training course. FEB 2023 INTAKE

Fees Structure

Private Tuition Per Term (30 Minutes Lesson) UGX 288,000
Private Tuition Per Term (45 Minutes Lesson) UGX 354,000
Private Tuition Per Term (60 Minutes Lesson) UGX 486,000
Requirements UGX 105,000
Term of Payment: Full Payment or First installment – 60% of Tuition
Payment Modes: Bank, Mobile Money, Cash

Our Expert Instructors

Abbey Mbabazi

Abbey Mbabazi

Guitar Instructor

[email protected]
Phiona Dhik Nanziri

Phiona Dhik Nanziri

Guitar Instructor / Piano Instructor

[email protected]

Learn from experienced drum instructors and gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed. FEB 2023 INTAKE

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I teach myself drums?
While learning an instrument on your own isn’t difficult, the best alternative is to find a qualified and professional drum instructor. A talented drummer can help you learn to read music, maintain your instrument, and turn your wobbly sounds into beautiful music.
Is it hard to learn how to play the drums?
The drums are regarded as one of the most difficult musical instruments to learn. Don’t give up if you don’t seem to be adopting it straight away. It could take years to master the drums.
When are your intakes?
Private (one on one) drums students are enrolled throughout the year. Meaning you can enroll anytime you are ready to get started. However, for group lessons, we only have two intakes. First Intake: February Second Intake: August Wondering what is the difference between group and private lessons? Click the link below: Difference between group and private drums lessons.
How long does it take to finish the drums course?
The drums course lasts for one year, which is divided into three (3) terms and each term takes 3 months or 12 weeks to complete.
Do I have to study Everyday?
No. Lessons are conducted once a week. However, drums students get one guided practice session with an instructor every week and free personal practice throughout the week. Note that one is free to practice from home, provided they have the necessary equipment for practice.
Do you provide accommodation?
The school does not provide accommodation. However, our long-distance students get affordable accommodation around the school at an average cost of UGX 300,000 per term. Note: Meals are not included in the amount paid for accommodation.
What employment opportunities are available for a drums graduate?
A drums graduate can be employed in one of the following:

  1. Adaptive Arts Teacher
  2. Bandleader
  3. Concertmaster
  4. Church Musician
  5. Cruise Ship Musician
  6. Cover Band Musician
  7. Cruise Ship Musician
  8. Instrument Repair Technician
  9. Performing Songwriter
  10. Private Music Instructor
  11. Session Musician
  12. Music Director (Theater and Opera)

Is Esom School of Music Accredited?
Yes. ESOM SCHOOL OF MUSIC is accredited by the ministry of education and sports under the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT). Accreditation number mac/0586
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Click the link below for more FAQs. 23 More Frequently Asked Questions.

Esom Graduation

Graduation is when a student successfully completes all of their certificate audit program requirements.
Esom School of music graduates undergraduate students once each academic year.
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