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Drum Classes

We feel we are the ultimate and perfect school for the training drums considering the growing desires and changing technology in the drum world. There is no substitute for the care and personalized attention available through one on one instruction during the study of Drums. In no other way can one’s individual strengths, needs, or particular goals in drums be so effectively addressed.

Whether you’re just beginning or are a seasoned professional we’re confident we can design a comfortable, yet challenging program that’s just right for you. The drums curriculum at ESOM is designed to give students a broad, practically-focused experience that illustrates the skills and knowledge needed for both further study and a sustainable career in professional music.

The Drum department teachers have immense skills set and a genuine passion for teaching, and are willing to act as mentors and examples whenever possible in the daunting landscape of the professional musician. We are here to decorate your skills and make them presentable to the Entertainment world. Come and study drums and fulfill your musical desires.

Drum Classes

Learn Drums

Join our Private Drum Classes and learn from the professionals

Tips to practice Drums

Use a can of compressed air to get the dust out of those hard to reach places like in-between lugs and under the foot pedals of your drums.

Drum Teachers: Use flash cards as part of your drum lessons to help your students learn note values, dynamic markings, etc. You can make them yourself on 3 X 5 index cards.

Have a “Don’t Forget” list for all your instruments and related drum gear. Be sure to include such things as extra drum heads, drum sticks, mics and mic cables, metronome, duct tape, etc. This list will help you to never have one of those gut-wrenching moments when you realize you left something at home 2 hours away.

Listen to “all” styles of music. This boosts your creativity on the drums and makes you more aware of how to approach these styles if you ever confront them in your band.

For dried up duct tape residue on your cymbals or drum stands, invest in a bottle of “Goo Gone”. This stuff is amazing (and even smells good!).

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