Esom School Alumni

Those who have graduated from the Esom School are an important part of the worldwide Esom community. As alumni, you are ambassadors of the school, pioneers in music, visual art, and beyond, and generous supporters of our work.

Alumni of the Esom School have a wide range of interests, both on and off the stage. The Office of Alumni Relations can help you with benefits, networking, career support, and other ways to tell your story, no matter what your post-esom ambitions may be. Attend one of our events, pay a visit to the school, or check out our alumni page to stay in touch.

Consider a profession as a music producer, sound engineer, musician, or a visual expert. Esom School offers lessons in guitar, violin, drums, saxophone, piano/keyboard, Djing, Audio Production, Film and Video Production, Sound Engineering, as well as classes in singing and the performing arts. You will be able to put your newly acquired skills and knowledge into action by working with our team of highly skilled instructors.

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