Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the courses?
The cost varies depending on the course and duration. Please visit our website or contact us for specific course fees.
Do you offer online classes?
Currently, we offer in-person lessons. We’re exploring options to offer online classes in the near future.
Are the courses beginner-friendly?
Yes, we offer courses for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced musicians.
Can I change my course mid-way?
It’s best to stick to the course you’ve enrolled for, but if you’re not satisfied, please speak with our administrators to discuss possible options.
Do you offer exams and certifications?
Yes, at the end of each course, students are evaluated and upon successful completion, they are awarded a certificate.
What kind of music do you focus on in the courses?
Our courses cover a variety of genres, ensuring our students have a broad understanding and capability in music.
Is there an age limit for enrolling in a course?
No, we welcome students of all ages.
Are all your tutors qualified?
Yes, all our tutors are experienced and trained professionals in their respective fields.
Do you have group lessons?
Yes, we offer both private and group lessons.
Can I reschedule my lessons if I miss one?
Yes, but please notify us in advance if you cannot attend a lesson. We will do our best to accommodate a rescheduling.
Can I take a trial lesson before enrolling?
We encourage prospective students to visit the school and see the lessons in action. Please contact us to arrange a visit.
Do I need to bring my own instrument for the lessons?
We provide instruments for practice during lessons, but we highly recommend students have their own instruments for practice at home.
Can I switch my instrument during the course?
It’s best to stick with one instrument throughout the course for optimal learning. If you wish to learn another instrument, we suggest you complete the current course and then enroll in a new one.
What happens if I miss a payment deadline?
If you miss a payment deadline, please contact our administration immediately to discuss payment arrangements.
How do I register for a course?
You can register by visiting our school or you can contact us via email or phone to start the registration process.
Can I make suggestions for new courses?
Yes, we always welcome suggestions from our students.
Do you have any famous or notable alumni?
We have many successful graduates who have gone on to have great careers in music. Please visit our website to read about our notable alumni.
Do you provide performance opportunities for students?
Yes, we organize regular performances for our students to showcase their talent.
Is there a dress code for attending classes?
There is no specific dress code for attending classes, but we ask that students dress in a manner that is comfortable and respectful to others.
Can parents observe their children's lessons?
Yes, parents are welcome to observe, but we ask that they do so in a way that doesn’t disrupt the lessons.
Do you offer workshops or masterclasses?
Yes, we occasionally offer workshops and masterclasses by renowned musicians. Please check our website for updates.
Can I rent an instrument from the school?
At the moment, we do not offer instrument rental. We encourage students to purchase their own instruments for practice at home.
Can I have a tour of the school before enrolling?
Absolutely! We encourage prospective students and their families to visit us for a tour. Please contact us to arrange a suitable time.
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