Certificate in Guitar

Learn all the basics and build the muscles needed to play the guitar confidently.

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Many of Uganda’s most successful guitarists began their careers at Esom School of Music, ensuring Esom’s position as the country’s largest and most prominent independent music school, as well as the premier institution for the study of contemporary music.

The Guitar Department at Esom offers you the most comprehensive guitar education which is can not be found anywhere else. We provide individualized instructions in both electric and acoustic guitars, allowing you to select either of these as your principal instrument.

We provide you with a professional Teaching staff that is comprised of specialists in each discipline, course work that is specifically designed to enhance your talents and abilities, as well as a diverse range of opportunities to play. We understand your instrument’s place in today’s musical landscape, and we treat it with the decency that it deserves. The guitar, whether electric or acoustic, is an extremely versatile and expressive instrument that can be used effectively in any musical style. Studying at a school that provides you with the opportunity to learn all of these different musical styles is the most important step you can take to turn your passion for music into a profession.

Become a more well-rounded guitarist by improving your guitar sound. Learn to play chords and scales in any style, as well as improve your blues, rock, jazz, and funk skills, with this course. Acquire the professional certifications and marketable abilities you’ll need to be successful in your chosen field of the music industry.

Join the thousands of guitarists who began their careers at ESOM and have gone on to achieve success. The weekend, evening, holiday, or any of our programs are all viable options for you to pursue your education.


  • No Prerequisite

Entry Requirements

Our Guitar Program does not have any requirements for enrollment. Your educational background is not a concern for us.

In their own words, students describe how helpful it was for them to come and learn at Esom School of Music

We at Esom School of Music strive to create a vibrant, warm, and welcoming campus environment that extends beyond the classroom walls.

Our instructors, discusses the advantages of attending Esom School of Music and pursuing a certificate in the field of guitar.

At Esom School of Music, Johnny G and Shallom demonstrate how the same chord progression can be utilized for a variety of tunes using the same chord pattern.


Course Duration 9 Months (3 Terms)
Duration Per Term 3 Months
Lesson Frequency Once a Week
Free Guided Practice Once a week
Personal Practice Mon – Sun
Group Intakes Feb and Aug
Private Intake Open

Ready to begin your guitar journey? Join our Group Intake!

  • Adaptive Arts Teacher
  • Bandleader
  • Concertmaster
  • Church Musician
  • Cover Band Musician
  • Cruise Ship Musician
  • Instrument Repair Technician
  • Music Director (Theater and Opera)
  • Performing Songwriter
  • Private Music Instructor
  • Session Musician
  • Soloist

Private Tuition (30 Minutes Lesson (Per Term)) UGX 288,000
Private Tuition (45 Minutes Lesson (Per Term)) UGX 354,000
Private Tuition (60 Minutes Lesson (Per Term)) UGX 486,000
Group Tuition (Per Term) UGX 180,000 (Full payment)
Requirements UGX 105,000
Term of Payment: Full Payment or First installment – 60% of Tuition
Payment Modes: Bank, Mobile Money, Cash

Frequently Asked Questions- Guitar Lessons


Getting started is as simple as ABC. You need only two(2) things to get started with your guitar lessons:
  1. Get registered
  2. Pay at least 60% of the tuition


In order to get started with sound engineering lessons, you need to provide us with your details, come to the school and fill the registration form or register online. In this process, you also need to pay for the requirements.

  • Registration and requirements: 105,000 Ugx
  • After paying the requirements, you need to pay at least 60% of the tuition which is,
    1. Total payment: (Requirements + 60% tuition) Private: 277,000 Ugx
    2. Total payment: (Requirements + 60% tuition) Group: 429,000 Ugx


Payments can be made using any of the options below:

  • Cash or cheque at the school reception
  • Airtel Money: 0700132588 (Esom School of Music), MTN mobile money: 0781227712 (Daniel Innocent Kiyega)
  • Centenary Bank: Account name: (Eternity Source of Music Ltd) Account No. 2510301781


  1. Admission Fee: 20,000 Ugx
  2. Development Fee (Per term): 20,000 Ugx
  3. Practical theory book: 20,000 Ugx
  4. Library Fee : 20,000 Ugx
  5. ID Fee : 20,000 Ugx
  6. Assignment Book (Per term): 5,000 Ugx
  7. Total Requirements: 105,000 Ugx

Tuition Per Term:

  • Private: (One on one) :
    1. 30 Minutes Per Lesson: 288,000 Ugx
    2. 60 Minutes Per Lesson: 486,000 Ugx
  • Group: 540,000 Ugx a year. Ugx
Private (one on one) Guitar students are enrolled throughout the year. Meaning you can enroll anytime you are ready to get started. However, for group lessons, we only have two intakes. First Intake: February Second Intake: August Wondering what is the difference between group and private lessons? Click the link below: Difference between group and private Guitar lessons.
The Guitar course lasts for one year, which is divided into three (3) terms and each term takes 3 months or 12 weeks to complete.
No. Lessons are conducted once a week. However, Guitar students get one guided practice session with an instructor every week and free personal practice throughout the week. Note that one is free to practice from home, provided they have the necessary equipment for practice.
The school does not provide accommodation. However, our long-distance students get affordable accommodation around the school at an average cost of UGX 300,000 per term. Note: Meals are not included in the amount paid for accommodation.
A Guitar graduate can be employed in one of the following: 1. Bandleader 2. Concertmaster 3. Adaptive Arts Teacher 4. Church Musician 5. Session Musician etc.
Yes. ESOM SCHOOL OF MUSIC is accredited by the ministry of education and sports under the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT). Accreditation number mac/0586
Click the link below for more FAQs. 23 More Frequently Asked Questions.

At Esom, students are intrigued by the promise of gaining a deeper understanding of the guitar via practical application.

As a result of their participation in the guitar program at ESOM, students use the skills they have gained to their future activities and find new things that they were previously unaware of.

Every one of the guitar classes that we develop at Esom is tailored to the exact needs and interests of the students who take them.

As a result of their guitar training at ESOM, students gain a tremendous lot of self-confidence.

When you attend Esom, you will get a wealth of useful information and techniques, and your guitar abilities will improve significantly as a result.

The guitar instructors at Esom are excellent, and they make learning to play the guitar a pleasurable and fun process.

Esom Graduation

During this time of preparation for the third graduation ceremony, we would like to remind the general public that we held the first graduation event, which had over 40 graduates from a variety of courses, and that the number of graduates increased exponentially to more than 70 graduates at the second graduating ceremony.

Fortunately, over 200 graduates are expected to get their certificates from the Esom School of Music on February 26, 2022, at a ceremony that will take place at the school.

In February, the Esom School of Music warmly encourages you to enroll in the Guitar Program. Fill out the intake form as soon as possible to secure your seat at the 4th graduation ceremony.


Expert Instructors


Phiona Dhik Naziri is a professional female guitarist and piano player, as well as an instructor, in Uganda. She has a great deal of experience as a musician, and she possesses both theoretical and practical abilities. She was formerly well-known as a band performer, and she has now expanded her repertoire to include utilizing her calming abilities as a solo performer. She has educated numerous people and served as a role model for many aspiring musicians.


As a musician and instructor, Aliddeki has made significant contributions to Ugandan folk music, and he is considered a pioneer in the field. He is a Ugandan musician who is well-known for his Afro Fusion songs and current jazz guitar style.


Abbey Mbabazi, better known by his stage name Cassonava, is a talented musician who sings and plays the guitar, as well as writes songs, directs music, and leads worship in various settings. His most well-known work in the Ugandan music business is Ayagala Balasi, a chart-topping song that features former Ghetto President Bobi Wine. As a musician, he has achieved considerable success in the country’s music industry.

Mungu Jakisa

Certified Piano & Guitar player and Audio Producer. Esom is the ultimate best at anything musical and I encourage anyone with a dream of pursuing a career in music to join Esom. You'll be grateful you did.

Mungu Jakisa / Guitar Student
Betty Namata

Oh my sweet school with such a cool and nice environment which encourages us to go on producing nice Songs... Oh, Esom trainers who are always organized and so professional in what they are doing... Especially my Vocal teacher and my guitar trainer thank u so much...long live Esom School of Music

Betty Namata / Guitar Student
Ika Eddy

I am Ika Eddy first-year student of guitar who had completely no Idea about guitar but was interested in learning and playing it. Esom school of music 🎶 made it perfectly easier for me to fast no what a guitar 🎸 is and the parts etc. I am now pleased that I can play the guitar now. Bravo Esom school of music bravo my instructor.

Ika Eddy / Guitar Student

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