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This program will elevate your guitar playing skills and set you apart as a master guitarist, regardless of your preferred genre, whether it’s rock, jazz, folk, or metal. With our comprehensive certificate program, you’ll delve into the essential elements like chords and scales, while also exploring advanced techniques such as improvisation, musical form, control, and intonation. Achieving greatness as a guitarist often requires expert guidance, and at Esom, our instructors are unrivaled in their ability to provide personalized training and valuable feedback. Get ready to unlock the full potential of the fretboard and explore a world of limitless possibilities!

Certificate in Guitar

Course Overview
At Esom School of Music, we have been instrumental in launching the successful careers of Uganda’s top guitarists. As the largest and most influential independent music school in the country, we are renowned for providing the best education in modern music.

Join the ranks of thousands of guitarists who kick-started their journeys to success at ESOM. Whether you prefer weekend, evening, holiday, or other flexible programs, we offer various options to cater to your educational needs.

The Guitar Department at Esom takes pride in offering the most comprehensive guitar education available. Our expert instructors provide personalized guidance in both electric and acoustic guitars, allowing you to choose your preferred instrument.

Enhance your guitar skills holistically by improving your sound. Our course empowers you to master chords and scales across different styles, enabling you to excel in blues, rock, jazz, and funk. Gain the professional certifications and skills necessary to thrive in the competitive music industry.

Get Hands-on Experience:
Our Professional Certificate Program is designed to elevate your guitar playing abilities. Starting from the fundamentals such as chords and scales, we guide you through advanced techniques like improvisation, control, and inflection, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the instrument.
What You'll Learn:

  1. Proficiency in reading sheet music and standard notation.
  2. Familiarity with the names of open strings and additional notes on each string.
  3. The ability to apply music structure knowledge to accelerate learning new songs.
  4. Mastery of basic open position chords.
  5. Creative exploration of rhythm styles throughout your studies.
  6. Practice and proficiency in picking, fingerpicking, and strumming patterns.

With Esom School of Music’s guitar courses, you’ll not only develop your skills but also gain the knowledge and experience necessary to excel in the dynamic world of music. Join us today and unlock your potential as a guitarist.

Entrance Requirements for Our Guitar Program
Our guitar program offers flexible enrollment without any specific requirements. We welcome students from all educational backgrounds. Your prior education is not a factor when applying to our program.
Speak with Our Enrollment Manager
To learn more about this program, contact our enrollment manager. If you need help selecting the best certificate program or course for you, feel free to get in touch. Call us at 0781227712 or 0700132588.

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Study at Esom School of Music

Experience the joy of learning and playing music together with others through our group lessons. In these sessions, each guitarist takes on a distinct role in the song, such as chords, bass line, riff, or lead melody. It’s like having an educational jam session where you can dive into your favorite songs from your collection. Join our group lessons and discover the most enjoyable way to learn.
Our private music lessons offer focused attention from the instructor throughout the entire class session. With one-on-one instruction, you can delve deeper into techniques and concepts, benefiting from personalized guidance.
Enroll in our short courses for a condensed version of our regular program. These private courses span a shorter duration, typically lasting for 6 weeks. You’ll receive two lessons per week and have ample time for practice between sessions.
As our students master various musical genres, including open triads, 7th chord structures, open triadic shapes, and inversions, you’ll witness improvements in your style, technique, and tone.

Key Details

Course Duration 9 Months (3 Terms)
Duration Per Term 3 Months
Lesson Frequency Once a Week
Free Guided Practice Once a week
Personal Practice Mon – Sat
Group Intakes Feb and Aug
Private Intake Open

Grab your guitar and join us this August 2023 Intake!

Guitar Lessons

Career Opportunities

  • Adaptive Arts Teacher
  • Bandleader
  • Concertmaster
  • Church Musician
  • Cover Band Musician
  • Cruise Ship Musician
  • Instrument Repair Technician
  • Music Director (Theater and Opera)
  • Performing Songwriter
  • Private Music Instructor
  • Session Musician
  • Soloist

Time is ticking! Join our August 2023 guitar course and become a pro guitarist

Fees Structure

Private Tuition Per Term (30 Minutes Lesson) UGX 354,000
Private Tuition Per Term (45 Minutes Lesson) UGX 396,000
Private Tuition Per Term (60 Minutes Lesson) UGX 486,000
Group Tuition (Per Term) UGX 264,000 (Full payment)
Requirements UGX 105,000
Term of Payment: Full Payment or First installment – 60% of Tuition
Payment Modes: Bank, Mobile Money, Cash

Our Expert Instructors

Abbey Mbabazi

Abbey Mbabazi

Guitar Instructor

[email protected]
Phiona Dhik Nanziri

Phiona Dhik Nanziri

Guitar Instructor / Piano Instructor

[email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll for Guitar Lessons?

To get started with the Guitar course, follow these simple steps:

  1. Get registered: Provide your details and fill out the registration form either in person at the school or online. You also need to pay for the registration and requirements.
    • Registration and requirements: 105,000 Ugx
    • After paying the requirements, you need to pay at least 60% of the tuition.
  2. Payment modes: Choose one of the following payment options:
    • Cash or cheque at the school reception.
    • Airtel Money: 0700132588 (Esom School of Music).
    • MTN mobile money: 0781227712 (Daniel Innocent Kiyega).
    • Centenary Bank: Account name: Eternity Source of Music Ltd, Account No. 2510301781.

What is the fee structure for Guitar lessons?


  • Admission Fee: 20,000 Ugx
  • Development Fee (Per term): 20,000 Ugx
  • Practical theory book: 20,000 Ugx
  • Library Fee: 20,000 Ugx
  • ID Fee: 20,000 Ugx
  • Assignment Book (Per term): 5,000 Ugx
  • Total Requirements: 105,000 Ugx

Tuition Per Term:

Private (One on one):

  • 30 Minutes Per Lesson: 354,000 Ugx
  • 45 Minutes Per Lesson: 396,000 Ugx
  • 60 Minutes Per Lesson: 486,000 Ugx

Group: 264,000 Ugx per term

When are your intakes?
Private (one on one) Guitar students can enroll throughout the year. For group lessons, we have two intakes:

  • First Intake: February
  • Second Intake: August

How long does it take to finish the Guitar course?
TThe Guitar course lasts for one year, divided into three terms. Each term takes 3 months or 12 weeks to complete.
Do I have to study every day?
No, lessons are conducted once a week. However, Guitar students get one guided practice session with an instructor every week and can practice freely throughout the week. You can also practice from home as long as you have the necessary equipment.
Do you provide accommodation?
The school does not provide accommodation. However, our long-distance students can find affordable accommodation near the school, with an average cost of UGX 300,000 per term. Note that meals are not included in the accommodation fee.
What employment opportunities are available for a Guitar graduate?
A Guitar graduate can pursue employment in various roles, such as:

  1. Adaptive Arts Teacher
  2. Bandleader
  3. Concertmaster
  4. Church Musician
  5. Cruise Ship Musician
  6. Cover Band Musician
  7. Cruise Ship Musician
  8. Instrument Repair Technician
  9. Performing Songwriter
  10. Private Music Instructor
  11. Session Musician
  12. Music Director (Theater and Opera)

Is Esom School of Music Accredited?
Yes, ESOM SCHOOL OF MUSIC is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Sports under the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT). Accreditation number: MAC/0586.
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Esom Graduation

Graduation is when a student successfully completes all of their certificate audit program requirements.
Esom School of music graduates undergraduate students once each academic year.
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