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The holiday is fast approaching and for holidaymakers, this time of year is synonymous with two things: time away from school and the learning of new skills. In an attempt to offer children a bit more this year, Esom has a Holiday Program for teaching Music lessons.

In this program, we offer lessons in Piano, Guitar, Singing, Violin and Drums. These lessons are offered to kids and adults aged 4 and older of any skill level. In addition, the School has a student’s Band specifically created to boost the student’s self-esteem and act as a platform for aspiring professionals

The School makes it easy for children and other holidaymakers to enjoy our amazing lessons while professional instructors create an educational environment that will help develop a lifelong passion for music.

Benefits of Music to Children

It is now known that music has several more benefits to children than people would actually think. Below are a few we could highlight for you.

It improves academic skills.
It develops physical skills.
It cultivates social skills.
It refines discipline and patience.
It boosts self-esteem.
It introduces children to other cultures.

Slots Available

Normally we don’t take in many students during the holidays. This time around we have received many requests than any of the previous holidays and we are happy parents are recognizing the significance of music to children. Currently, we have these slots available.

Piano(12), Guitar(16), Singing (10), Drums (8), Violin(8)

Payment options

Payments can be made using these options:-

1.  Centenary Bank, Account Name: Eternity Source of Music,
     Account Number: 2510301781.
2.  Mobile Money on 0781227712 or Airtel Money on 0700132588.
3.  School Reception – Contact 0700132588 for details

Holiday Program FAQS

Who is this course for?
The course is intended for people who are kept busy during school time but have an interest in music. Kids starting from 4 years, Students and Adults. These can be primary pupils, secondary students or even adult teachers

It’s also a good opportunity for pupils and students who have already started their vacation to learn music and have much more benefits. The Vacation can be long and likely misused if it’s not planned for accordingly. That’s why we have a plan for the vacists out there in this period as well.

When is the program scheduled to start?
The program is open at the moment and one can start as soon as possible.  We’re ready for vacists at all levels right now. The general study period is 6 weeks or can be customized according to the holiday duration. Registration is already in progress at the school

Who is this course for?
The course is intended for people who are kept busy during school time but have an interest in music. Kids starting from 4 years, students and adults. These can be primary pupils, secondary students or even adult teachers

The program also aims at equipping Vacists (P7, S4 or S6) with Knowledge that can be good for their career, leisure or other beneficial purposes.

How are the charges for Holiday Lessons?
The Holiday Lessons are charged slightly different where a student will have 2 lessons every week for a period of 6 weeks and free daily practice

Registration : 20,000/
Tuition Fees: 288,000/

Do you allow installments?
No, we don’t allow installments for Holiday Lessons.

Interested people can follow this link  to register online or Request info and we shall contact you back. Alternatively, you can contact 0700132588 / 0781227712 and we give you detailed instructions.

Holiday Lessons

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