Certificate in Music Production

Begin your professional music career today.

Build up a music career! Stop Dreaming and Do it!


For over 15 years, we have provided hands-on training in music production, and our music production students are equipped with the skills to do high-quality audio and music production with a professional touch that matches international standards.

At ESOM, audio production goes far beyond just learning how to use software. It looks at the things that inspire and shape your music.

With our professionally developed curriculum, musicians and creative performers will be able to develop their own unique blend of creation, production, and professional skills for a music career in the music industry.

This program meets both the needs of beginners, those with basic music production knowledge, and those who have some audio production skills. All at ESOM School of Music are catered for.

Our Music Production programs/courses are offered throughout the year with flexible class schedules that are primarily based on a one-on-one scheme (that is, teacher and student), with the aim of ensuring effective understanding.


  • Computer literacy is a must.
  • Understanding of how to play the piano keyboard is required.
  • The ability to communicate well in English is required.

Entry Requirements

Audio Production does not have any requirements for enrollment. You don't have to worry about your educational background.

Song Arrangement

You will be equipped with all the necessary details on how a good song is meant to be organized to flow well. The organization contains sessions like buildup of verses, chorus, bridge, interludes, breaks, song introduction, song climax, among others. This skill ensures that your songs have the capacity to keep the listener hooked while enjoying your songs.

“We strive to cultivate and maintain an inclusive environment at Esom School that actively affirms and is respectful of the identities of all people, regardless of gender, ability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, or ideological perspective – and one in which self-reflection, honesty, and accountability are practiced and modeled.”

— Agatha Nansubuga, Academic Registrar, Esom School of Music

Beat Making and Audio Recording

Under this topic, we shall teach you the professional way of making beats in different genres (styles) like Afro Beat, Reggae, Dancehall, Hip-Hop, among others. You will also learn the right way to fuse different styles together to come up with a whole new urban style. In addition to beat making, we shall train you on how professional recording engineers handle the process of recording audio, which consists of recording vocals and live instruments like acoustic guitars, electric guitars, saxophones, drums, and percussion, among others.

Course Duration 9 Months (3 Terms)
Duration Per Term 3 Months
Lesson Frequency Once a Week
Free Guided Practice Once a week
Personal Practice Mon – Sun
Group Intakes Feb and Aug
Private Intake Open

Build up a music career! Stop Dreaming and Do it!

Mastering Your Tracks Before Release

After all the above is done well, the last stage of it all is mastering. This is a stage at which, as a trained mastering engineer, you ensure the song sounds good on various playback systems. For example, in the car, on the phone, on a home stereo system, on the radio, among others. You will surely attain modern skills in mastering audio and music to compete commercially in the international market in terms of loudness, tonal balance, stereo image, and much more.
  • Record Producer
  • Audio Production Instructor
  • Mixing Engineer
  • Production Sound Mixer
  • Audio Director
  • TV Producer
  • Sound Proofing & Acoustic Treatment
  • Mastering Engineer
  • Recording Engineer
  • Radio broadcast engineer
  • Record Label Manager
  • Sound Editor

Private Tuition Per Term UGX 792,000
Group Tuition Per Term UGX 480,000
Group Prod + Piano Per Term UGX 660,000
Short Course UGX 852,000
Computer Basics UGX 120,000 (Duration: 3 Weeks)
Requirements UGX 105,000
Term of Payment: Full payment or 60% of tuition
Payment Modes: Bank, Mobile Money, Cash


Looking for a place to stay while attending Esom School of Music? It may appear difficult, but it is not as difficult as you might think, especially with our experienced accommodation partners on hand, as well as Esom staff and fellow students who are available to assist you by providing advice, contacts, and information to help you find your perfect place to live as quickly and easily as possible. While we do not organize your accommodation, if you have any queries about the location to choose, the cost of living in Kampala, or any other questions regarding to accommodation, please do feel free to contact us by phone (+256706530317) or email ([email protected])


Gone are the days when musicians and other performing artists were underappreciated.
Today, these individuals are well-known in society because they have worked hard to advance their careers as musicians, dancers, and actors.” LEARN MORE ON CREATIVE


Sound Engineering and music production are interlinked with each other, although they have significant differences in action.

There are several similarities between the two, but at the same time, they can do totally different things with their skills because each of them has its particularities.

The main big difference between music production and sound engineering is that music production is for giving birth to a piece of music, creating it, while sound engineering is about editing and mixing already created music for different fields and environments, like TV, broadcasting, film production, etc.

Students at Esom thoroughly love delving further into the digital audio workstation.

Students are utilizing new tools for music production software that they were not aware of before enrolling in Esom's music production program.

The lessons we create at Esom are tailored to each student's specific genre interests.

Logic Pro X is a music production program that you will learn how to utilize while attending Esom.

When you go to Esom, you will learn a lot of useful things and your music-making skills will improve a lot.

At Esom, we have amazing instructors that make learning a fun and rewarding experience.

Esom Graduation

At the Esom School of Music, we believe that music should be a part of every student’s life. The Esom courses are extensive and cater to a diverse range of interests and abilities. At the beginning of August, you can enroll in our Music education Programs. Why not join us so that you can participate in our next graduation ceremony?

Don't Miss out! Now is the time to enroll in our Music Education Programs, which will give you a head start on enjoying the future of music with Esom. Our programs provides graduates with a competitive edge in the growing music industry.

At Esom, we are most thrilled to see our students succeed, and there is no better way to prove your success than graduating. We congratulate all of our students who graduated in previous years and wish you nothing but the best for your music career path.

MADDER KAYZ - Music Production Instructor

Lessu by Radio and Wesel, Going On by Jackie and Chameleon, and Wale Wale are some of the songs that Ssuna Allan, better known as Madder Kayz, is known for producing. He is a Ugandan record producer, audio engineer, record executive, and entrepreneur, and is currently working in the music industry.

NASE AVATAR - Music Production Instructor

Otim Allan Olum, better known by his professional name as Nase Avatar, is a 2017 and 2019 MTN UG Hip-hop award winning producer. He works as a professional audio engineer certified by Waves Audio, a music production instructor, and a music analyst at Vision Group. Nase's productions cover a wide spectrum of musical genres and styles. A lot of well-known artists have used his skills as an engineer to mix and master their music, like Ykee Benda, Ziza Bafana, Dre Cali, and more.

DAVID PRINCE - Music Production Instructor

Record producer, audio engineer, label manager, sound proofing and sound treatment engineer, and instructor. David Prince has worked in the music industry for over a decade.
Harley Paplain

I my self musically am talented but didn’t know that until I joined esom school of music where they shape me well as per now am taking am now a star in Northern Uganda am now a professional music producer and video 🏆 producer so esom is the best music School ever all over East Africa join the Esom now for the betterment of your future Dreams.Thanks

Harley Paplain / Video Production Student
Sean Ash

My experience at ESOM gave me a true experience of the production process, all the staff were eager to ensure that the tutoring was of the highest quality possible

Sean Ash / Audio Production Student
Damian Smilez

For the best music experience in Uganda, I recommend ESOM School of Music. Thank you Esom I really appreciate the Audio production platform you've put up for us producers.

Damian Smilez / Audio Production Student
Esom School of Music
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Ggg VvguGgg Vvgu
14:55 04 Mar 22
I am by the name of Basiima Edward Collins and would like to share a few things I know in Esom School Of Music. I am a term one student but what I have had in this wonderful school is mind blowing because I am learning so fast more than I was before joining Esom School Of Music. The courses I offered are; Audio production and Piano, this is giving me an easy and quicker way to make beats since my desire is to become a best producer in the world and trust me, I am achieving that as I am talking. There are also a variety of other courses you can take e.g Video production, sound engineering, vocal training, saxophone playing, Violin, Guitars (acoustic, solo and bass) Drums, to mention but a few. So if anyone out there is looking for a best music school, simply come to Esom School Of Music because all your music desire will be fully achieved. Thank you and may God bless you.
Johnny KJohnny K
14:22 23 Feb 22
ESOM School of music is a dream come true institution. I enrolled for Audio production and piano lessons and I found the school awesome with qualified and friendly instructos who are ready to deliver at your convenient time.It becomes more easier for you as a student to inculcate ample time for personal practice since all it takes to practice on is readily available as the saying goes "practice makes perfect" whether you're studying in a group or private classesPRACTICE!!
jonah jordanjonah jordan
11:25 23 Feb 22
eѕoм ѕcнool oғ мυѕιc. ιѕ тrυe αnd reαl ωнen ιт coмeѕ ιn αll musical dreαмѕ
A-alvin LegaceA-alvin Legace
09:12 22 Feb 22
Am a student in a video editing class at Esom School of Music and this is my first term there. We've so far covered a few lessons because the term has just started but as far as I had known about video editing, my skills have developed so fast and am grateful for that. Can't wait to graduate 😁👍👍
Hannah MunarHannah Munar
16:40 21 Feb 22
I Personally believe n have had great experience at the school.Teachers and staff are amazing.Thank you. Keep Up the great Work.
Maria A. LarsenMaria A. Larsen
09:38 05 Feb 22
It's a good school with brilliant teachers. However, most of the active teaching focuses on the practical side of music, while the theory side of things is largely left to the student as self-study. A structure for the teaching, assessment and feedback regarding music theory as its own subject should be developed and then the school will really shine and produce knowledgeable musicians with a true mastery of their art. The location is a bit inconvenient, being in the middle of town, but the classes are worth the journey. In general, yes to Esom.
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