Esom School of Music News Letter

Student of the month

Walugembe Jackson excels in academics and behavior on a regular basis. In his Audio production class, he shares his ideas with others and listens closely to his friends. Jackson models a positive attitude and excellent effort in his classes. He brightens our day with a friendly smile and treats others with kindness and respect. Thank you for adding to ESOM in many positive ways, Jackson!

Jackson in Studio
Teacher Robert in Class

Teacher of the month

Teacher Robert one of our piano instructors believes much can be accomplished through establishing a good relationship with a student. “He stays for extra time in addition to keeping time to assist students who are doing practice so they can have a real good experience

I let them make mistakes. I encourage them to make mistakes because that’s the only way we can learn“, Robert Said. He has worked with Esom School of Music for about eight years.

Student Spot Light

Taremwa Joseph also a Music Production student who is ambitious, challenging and interesting at the same time smart registered in the last part of 2017 and is now in his term two. Joseph is a very responsible, motivated and confident student

Learn how to produce music

Audio Production

You can join the production elites in Uganda and East Africa. Just like Nase and Bless
study Audio production with us and become an award winner

Group Intakes

We are finally done with the February Group Intakes and we are so happy for those who enrolled. Esom School of Music presented an opportunity to study your favorite course at low costs. Students who joined under this program are already happily taking their lessons.

The courses under this program include Music Production, Piano, Sound Engineering, Guitar, Voice Training, Video Production and Deejaying.

February Pictures

“I don't trust eyes, i trust pictures.” Like this quotes says, we had very good memories in February. Here are some of the photos we captured.

In the News

Self-proclaimed King of the East singer Pallaso is all smiles both to the bank and towards his career. The singer is over the moon after being booked for his Australian tour for the very first time that will take place later this month.

He will this weekend for the very first time perform in Melbourne before proceeding to Brisbane and Perth the following weekend and later perform in Adelaide at the end of the month on 29th. The tour has been dubbed “Pallaso live in Australia”.

Welcome new Students

Join us as we welcome NEW STUDENTS who have managed to enroll in February. Over 200 students have enrolled with us this February.

Fidele. K
Sylvester A. K
Lydia E.K
Aisha. N
Cecile. M
Ibrahim. S
Benjamin. LM
Balinda. K
Allan. K
Amos. A
Ashiraf. M
Augustine. A
Douglas Kelly. K
Elijah. T
Emmanuel. O
Felix. M
Frank. T
George. A
Ibrahim . K
Ivan. S
Jeremiah. D
Johnny. G
Joshua. B
Joshua. K
Jude. R
Julius. B
Justin. E
Justine. N
Mark. V
Matovu. K
Moses. T
Mouse. E
Nathan. L
Ronnie. S
Sam. DK
Timothy. L
Winnie. N
Allan. O
Alex. I
Andrew. B
Brian. K
Christine. A
Frank. T
Honneur . DT
Ian Mathew. A
Joel Jarvin. M
Moses. O
Paul. U
Richard. O
Samuel . S
Simon Fred. O
Solomon. K
Sylvester A.K
Winniednielz SK
Stuart Oberg. R
Abibo Afuna. A
Agness. N
Apollo. A
Augustine. M
Baker. L
Biruk. A
Bob Brian. M
Carol. B
Catherine. N
Cedrick. N
Charles . K
Charles . S
Daniel . M
Denis . M
Derrick .S
Diana . A
Doreen .A
Edgar .M
Edward .M
Evelyn .O
Fortunate .A
Francis .S
Ian Weezy .K
Ibrahim Kaggwa .L
Innocent Chad .M
Irene .N
Jessy. S
Jolly Samuel .M
Jorum .M
Joseph .M
Joyce .M
Justin .J
Lamech .S
Mariam Mukisa .N
Martin .M
Merian .G
Michael Philips .K
Moris Muhindo .N
Nsereko .J
Olivier .N
Paraskevi .K
Peace Nantale .K
Rebecca .B
Rogers .E
Rogers .Et
Ronald .S
Samuel .M
Sean Hillary .A
Thomas Epila .O
Timothy .M
Vicent Amos .K
William .L
Yvonne .N
Jonathan Timothy .K
Steven .K
Treasures .E
Ritah .A
Whirlpool Simon .P
Caleb .W
Ibrahim .K
Lyse .U
Kepler .M
Elizabeth .G
Fidele .K
George .T
Mable .N
Peterson .A
Reagan .K
Audrey .N
Bruno .S
Douglas .T
Robert .M
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