Esom School of Music News Letter

Student of the month

Esom with great pleasure announce the student of the month of March Aisha Nakigudde.  She was outstanding last month. In addition to her unbelievable talent, Aisha takes her precious time with other students to improve their skills.

Teacher of the month

And the teacher of the month at Esom is Able Buyinza. Our Vocal instructor has had a packed month but it is amazing how he managed to accomplish all the activities perfectly well. Able also is behind the success of the Student’s band and ESOM BAND.


After coming up through all the ranks in music, the Easter Holiday saw ESOM Band perform in several happening places. The band led by the manager managed to stage a breathtaking performance in places like OBLIGATA and all the revelers were left speechless.

The Singers, Instrumentalists and the Sound Team were all on point.  Check out the next schedules for the band on their Facebook Page. ESOM BAND

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Upcoming Events

Esom Anniversary.

Esom school music will be celebrating its 12th anniversary on 20th April 2018. The event will take place at the school and we shall have some interesting activities with the students. These include cake cutting, performances and a lot of surprises.

March Picture of the Month

Due to many interesting activities we always have, we find it helpful for students, Staff, Administration and or the Band to these moments and activities.

The March picture of the month is this beautiful, dark photo captured in one of our Band performances.

Sunday Lessons

The long wait is now over. After sitting back and making the necessary analysis, we realized that some people are missing out on studying their favorite courses because they get free time on Sundays only. In this case, we have introduced the SUNDAY PROGRAM.

You can now enroll in this program and have your classes on Sundays from 12 pm. All the charges and lesson fees have remained the same as weekdays. Find more details

March Students Birthdays

Jackson E
Tarundev S
Godfrey M
Denis K
Marc A
Bosco M
Resty N

Micheal N
Melissa N
Sydney S
Moris M
Sofia A
Owen A
Ritah A
Bosco M

Welcome New Students

In March, we managed to enroll over 38 new students in our private programs. Join us as we welcome them.

Richards A
Markoni A
Gaston C
Gerald C
Lincoln B
Justus J
Mable N
Nahom Z
Suupe N
Akot D
Eddie M
Imelda W
Innocent N
Joshua M
Lami O
Menya G
Nicholas L
Phena A
Abert M
Beatrice K
Daniel K
Derrick N
Emmanuel Y
Nicholas L
Pirlo B
Denis N
Duncan W
Gloria K
Kennedy B
Patrick K
Ronald M
Allen N
Eva A
Zalwango N
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