Differences between Group Lessons and Private Lessons


While we are still providing music solutions to Uganda and East Africa as a whole, you may easily notice that of late we opened our February Group Intake. Some people who know about our Private Programs may wonder what the difference is. These lessons (Group and Private) of course have some similarities and differences.

This has sparked a number of questions from our readers and fans around the world about the differences or benefits of private and group Lessons. Let’s discuss some of the most obvious differences between private and group Lessons.

Before we go further, let’s first make certain that we understand what we are going to differentiate. Private Lessons (at ESOM) are music lessons conducted with a teacher teaching one student in a lesson.

It can be easily called one on one lesson or even individual lesson. On the other hand, Group Lessons include the teacher teaching a group of students at the same time. The group normally has 4 to 8 students (one to many)

Differences between Group and Private Lessons

  1. Group lessons are designed with consideration of support and encouragement. Students work together towards common goals. The groups are always fun, amazing, positive and enjoyable. Private lessons are designed with a different approach. Student convenience is one of the things considered among others. A student selects the most appropriate time s/he can have to have lessons

  2. Learn New Study Habits/Skills. There are always ways to enhance your studying methods in your study skills. Joining a group provides you the opportunity to observe a wide variety of study methods and incorporate them into your strategy where as in Private lessons one would likely keep one learning technique and may fail to benefit a lot from friends.

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  3. Interaction – enjoyable learning. Studying with a group is a great way to liven up your study sessions. Joining a study group and studying in a group environment makes learning much more fulfilling and enjoyable which is quite different in Private lessons. It can be very monotonous and draining to spend time alone somewhere having lessons compared to learning in a group.

  4. Different Perspectives. Each group member has different qualities/ideas to offer to the study group. Studying by yourself will always get you one perspective; yet, in groups, you may receive various viewpoints which can assist in helping you reach your own conclusions. Listening and asking questions will provide more food for thought while developing your music skills critically.

  5. We have different levels of expression. These levels can be determined by factors like language barrier, natural disabilities among others. You may be reluctant to ask a question in class. You will find it easier to do so in a small study group and eventually will be helped.

  6. Crash Course. Did you ever want to do something but you are always busy with work? A moment comes and you have a month’s time leave, yes you can study a course in the shortest possible time and this is only possible in private Lessons. You will realize that it is a bit different when it comes to Group Classes since classes follow a known Timetable.

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  7. Study Break. Though not encouraged because of the setbacks they bring in the progress, study breaks sometimes come along. These can pause the lessons for about 2 weeks. These study breaks are only offered to students in private lessons. In a similar way, Group lessons normally have make-up lessons at the end of each term.

  8. Intakes and Enrollment: Group Program intakes are open in February and August whereas Private Program intakes are always open. You can come anytime register and start your private lessons right away.

  9. Amount charged. Whereas the content coverage in both Group classes and private classes is the same, Group classes are much less expensive, unlike private lessons. You will realize that people who study in groups get up to 42% OFF on Tuition

NOTE: All programs at the end can help you achieve your objectives. The main reason why people like Groups is that they are cost-friendly and learning in Groups is always fun!

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