Requirements for Graduation

A student is considered to have successfully completed their program when they graduate. Once a year, Esom School of Music graduates students and awards certificates.

Students whom have finished all program requirements as specified by the course on the last day of the following academic years are included in the class that will graduate in 2023:

  • Academic Year 2021
  • Academic Year 2022


Tuition / Fees:

  • All school obligations must be paid in full, leaving no outstanding balance.
  • In case you fail to clear, you will be advised to graduate the following year after you have made all required payments.

Terms / Lessons:

  • Must have completed all the three terms (Term 1, 2 and 3).


  • Must have attained an attendance rate of 80%.
  • In case the required attendance rate was not attained, the student will be expected to pay for the missed lessons, cover them to at least earn the attendance rate of 80%.


  • Must have successfully sat for all the exams in all the three terms and passed them.
  • A student who failed an exam is expected to pay and successfully re sit for that exam.
  • A student who missed an exam will also be expected to pay a retake fee and successfully sit for the exam.

National Exam:

  • Must have successfully completed the Directorate of Industrial training Assessment.

Graduation List:

  • Your name must have appeared on the Graduation list pinned up on the notice board.
  • In case your name doesn’t appear on the list, you are to check with the front desk admin.

Graduation List:

  • If your name has appeared on the graduation list, you must check with the Administrator in charge of graduation in order to receive clearance before making any payments.

Graduation Fee:

  • Must have cleared the Graduation Fee to zero balance.

NB: All students that missed or failed an exam must sit for it at least 4 weeks before the Graduation ceremony, any student that sits for an exam later than that will be advised to graduate the following year.

Note: While Esom School of Music aims to assist you with the graduation process, it is ultimately the duty of each student to complete the necessary prerequisites.

Esom School Graduation Moments

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