Robert Ndugga

Robert Nduga

I am Robert Ndugga, a professional music teacher. I have been playing and teaching music for more than a decade, and I have performed in religious services and with bands. I am a mentor to many young Instrumentalist in the music industry, and I love working with students. My ultimate goal is to pass on my love for music to others, and inspire them to persue their dreams!.

I specialize in piano, guitar, and drums, but I have a great deal of experience in other instruments as well. I teach piano students of all agaes and abilities. When it comes to a guitar, I am able to teach beginner through advanced level students. In drumming, I also teach biginners and advanced players. I have studied music for many years and have a unique perspective on musicianship that I hope to share with my students. As an Instructor, I have a strong passion and dedication to helping to helping my students to achieve their goals. I am passionate about music and about sharing that knowledge with others.

Music Theory
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