The course has been introduced for students of any level to focus on the study of the Saxophone. Unique of its kind, ESOM welcomes students from the initial level, providing top-level instruction to all: from complete beginners, amateurs, professionals, students preparing for exams amongothers.

All lessons are personalized and the repertoire studied varies from student to student, whether classical or jazz.

Regardless of your level or previous experience, our mission is to help you acquire solid fundamentals and make you aware of how to improve your playing and develop it further.

Saxophone Lessons

Learn Saxophone Easily

It's no doubt a piano is one of the most popular Instruments. Join our exciting, interesting and hands-on lessons on Weekend, Evening or Fulltime

If you are an absolute beginner, our lessons in the preparation section will help get you started. You will learn basic skills such as understanding the Saxophone layout and basic music.

We are here to enable you to follow your musical passion or even just explore music out of your own curiosity.  ESOM is the ultimate school for learning music theory or how to play the Saxophone

If you have always dreamed of playing the Saxophone, ESOM has created the ultimate way for you to start. You easily play popular songs at the very first lesson. You are probably here because you are ready to jump into the magnificent hobby of playing the Sax, or you took lessons as a kid and are ready to get back into it.

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