Short Courses

A short course is a mini version of our normal course in a private program that lasts for a shorter period of time (normally 6 weeks). In our short courses, a student gets 2 lessons a week and practice throughout the week.

Our short course is designed for three broad categories of individuals:

1) People who are doing music for leisure and just want to acquire basics on the course and be able to perform a couple of songs.
2) Individuals who have been in music for sometime but want to advance their skills
3) People who want to learn how to perform a specific song. For example a person who wants to surprise a significant other on their wedding day or anniversary.

The student is assessed by the instructor and they together *select the topics* he/she is interested in learning / advancing in during the course.

Short courses are available in these courses:

– Piano
– Production
– Vocal Training
– Guitar
– Video production
– Deejaying
– Sound Engineering

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