SSESAGI ROLAND – Sound Engineer

As a sound engineer, my job is to ensure that the sound quality of a recording or live event is the best it can be. This involves setting up and testing equipment, adjusting levels and frequencies,and troubleshooting any issues that arise.

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About Ssesagi

I’m a collaborative SOUND ENGINEER with over 10 years of experience in Live Sound, Audio Equipment Installation, Recording Music and Field Audio, Sound Design for Film, TV, and Radio. I possess advanced skills in Acoustic and Noise Control, Audio Signal Processing, and latest technology. I’m passionate about achieving technical excellence and helping others achieve their audio goals.

I have worked as a Head Sound Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Sound Recording Engineer, and Sound Technician. I’m interested in volunteering for theater productions, concerts, and audio works while serving the Almighty God.

I am always excited to discover new opportunities and approaches with every project, and I am eager to work on yours

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