Sunday Lessons


The long wait is now over. After sitting back and making the necessary analysis, we realized that some people are missing out on studying their favorite courses because they get free time on Sundays. In this case, we have introduced the SUNDAY PROGRAM.

You can now enroll in this SUNDAY PROGRAM and have your classes on Sundays from 10 am. Courses under this program include Audio Production, Piano, Guitar, Video Production, Bass Guitar, ViolinVoice Training, Sound Engineering and Drums.

Sunday Lessons

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Over 26 people have already registered for the Sunday Lessons. Join them now before we run out of spaces.

Slots Available in the Program

Many people have already shown interest and we can say the response is positive. This means in just a few days we shall have no more slots for interested people. We have therefore decided to post the number of slots available in order to keep you updated as shown down.

Audio Production (6), Piano (8), Sound Engineering (4), Guitar (6), Vocal (4), Bass Guitar (6) Video Production (4) Violin (2) Drums (3)

Fees and Payment options

All the charges and lesson fees have remained the same. The payment policy highlights the need to clear 60% of termly lesson fees in this particular program before starting. In this case, we shall spare the little time on Sundays for lessons only.

Payments can be made in:- Centenary Bank, Account Name:  Eternity Source of Music, Account Number: 2510301781. Payments can also be made via Mobile Money on 0781227712 or Airtel Money on 0700132588. Contact 0700132588 for details

Sunday Program FAQS

Who is this program for?

The course is intended for people who work full time and others who might not get free time during weekdays like Accountants, Businessmen and women, Lawyers, Bankers, Doctors among others. These lessons are also for employees who would like to have lessons but time is a problem.

How are the charges for Sunday Lessons?

The Sunday Lessons are charged like any of our lessons except Group Lessons. Nothing has been changed.

Do you allow installments?

Yes, we allow a maximum of two installments for Sunday Lessons.

How to enroll?

Interested people can follow this link  to register online or Request info and we shall contact you back. Alternatively, you can contact 0700132588 / 0781227712 and we give you detailed instructions.

Sunday Lessons

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