Nduga Robert

Nduga Robert

Robert is one of the Senior and Pioneer teachers at the school. He has trained many students and they are out there still grateful for his efforts and skills.

He loves working with students and is a team member. He dresses like a gentleman and is proud of his career.

Dir Staryan

I did a certificate of video production as my course from Esom School of music and I graduated with a second grade upper. And now am self Employed owning my own video and photography company called Mindset media

Dir Staryan / Video Production Student
Mr Visuals

Being a student of video production, made me archive my dream of turning imaginations into visual reality

Mr Visuals / Video Production Student
Harley Paplain

I my self musically am talented but didn’t know that until I joined esom school of music where they shape me well as per now am taking am now a star in Northern Uganda am now a professional music producer and video 🏆 producer so esom is the best music School ever all over East Africa join the Esom now for the betterment of your future Dreams.Thanks

Harley Paplain / Video Production Student

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