What exactly does a member of the television band do?

Musicians in television bands perform in bands on talk shows, talent shows like East Africa’s Got talent, variety shows like Saturday Night Live shows, and a variety of other shows where live music is featured.

Live bands are an important aspect of live television shows, providing background music for routines, accompanying guest performers, and providing entertainment for the audience during commercial breaks, among other things. For professional musicians, becoming a member of a show’s house band gives several elusive and wanted benefits, including a consistent wage, workplace benefits, and a considerable boost in their professional careers. Despite the fact that some television shows employ established bands, such as the fusion band, the majority of shows engage bandleaders or music directors to put together an ensemble from the beginning.

Only the finest of the best from within the bigger groups of session and touring musicians are qualified to become members of television bands. These are the musicians who always come prepared, learn complicated charts in the blink of an eye, and never miss a note.

In the early hours of the morning, the members of a late-night band convene to plan and practice the day’s musical chores and record any compositions that will be performed live. Shorter segments—play-on music and commercial bumps—as well as longer compositions—the music performed behind skits, as an accompaniment for performers and guest musicians, or to entertain the audience during commercial breaks—are all types of pieces played by television bands on television shows. After the sun sets, it’s time to film the major show. Members of the band may interact with the crowd, provide hilarious speech or spin off spontaneous encounters with the emcee, or even play small parts in skits, during the show.

Career Path

To join a television band, only the finest of the best—those who are constantly prepared, can recall complex charts in a split second, and never miss a note—are eligible from the wider groups of session and touring musicians. Working in another show’s band or as a television music director or band leader can open up a variety of professional options. You can also use your expertise and connections in the TV industry to get involved in other aspects of the industry, such as acting or producing or composing.

In search of Employment

Members of the band for a television show are often chosen by the band leader or music director, however they may technically be hired by the producer. There is a minimal rate of employee turnover, and no job openings will be made public. There are very few opportunities for ambitious television band members, therefore it’s essential to build a reputation for musical variety and professionalism before applying for these highly desirable positions.

Professional Competencies

  1. Collaboration
  2. Flexibility
  3. Highly prepared, good time management
  4. Accompaniment
  5. Sight reading
  6. Deep instrumental proficiency

Personality Traits

The members of a television band are well-versed, adaptable, and dependable people. When it comes to being a true professional, these people are always on time, always prepared, and always know when to relax and have fun. An understanding of both studio and live performance, along with an aptitude for learning new music on a regular basis, is essential. They should be able to communicate effectively and follow instructions.


As a television band, you’ll spend about 10 months of the year working for a television network. Band members enjoy a steady wage, regular hours, access to television industry events and parties, the opportunity to play with a group of master musicians, and the absence of touring difficulties such as late nights and gear dragging.

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