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The Esom School of Music is a professional and academic powerhouse with a significant social impact on people’s lives. Esom’s dedication to music education is mirrored in the work of its students and graduates, many of whom have been recognized with creative industry honours. Esom is dedicated to nurturing the creative and professional potential of the region’s most inspired creative and performing artists. It is a reflection of the music industry, highlighting the connection between society and music, and a setting in which aspiring musical professionals discover how to incorporate innovative thoughts, adapt to the changing musical genres, and demonstrate their skills in a constantly expanding environment.

At Esom School, we recognize that our greatest asset is the enthusiasm with which our team members approach music and education. The atmosphere we establish allows everyone to be their real selves while also allowing them to apply their skillsets, expertise, experience, and enthusiasm to assist our students in achieving their academic and professional goals.

Our School is an all-inclusive environment in which we value the variety of our teachers and administrators. We advocate for equality and provide opportunities for the Esom community to grow both collectively and individually. Our goal is for staff and students to be happy, healthy, and productive, and we do everything we can to ensure this by providing full support and ongoing growth opportunities for everyone.

If you are passionate about music, assisting students, and guiding careers in the music industry and beyond, we would want to hear from you.

Consider a profession as a music producer, sound engineer, musician, or a visual expert. Esom School offers lessons in guitar, violin, drums, saxophone, piano/keyboard, Djing, Audio Production, Film and Video Production, Sound Engineering, as well as classes in singing and the performing arts. You will be able to put your newly acquired skills and knowledge into action by working with our team of highly skilled instructors.

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