Esom School of Music I Kampala Uganda

Music School

Music School

This is the educative and training arm of the company. It is basically concerned with the teaching and training of music to clients who require its services. It has a team of eight (8) Competent and professional staff who are committed to fulfilling the dreams of learners.

A range of courses is offered at ESOM School of Music and below is a list of some of them:

a) Piano b) Music Theory c) Voice d) Violin e) Wind Instruments f) Guitar g) Audio Production h) Video Editing i) Drums j) Dance k) African Percussions etc.

Each course among the above lasts for 2 months for elementary learning, 3-9 months for basic learning and 2 years for holistic learning. At the end of each stage of learning, a student is awarded a certificate but after such a student has attained the required pass mark.


Recording Studio


ESOM Records has one of the best state of the art studios in Uganda. We aslo have the best producers found any where in uganda. We produce music of all genres ranging from African genres such as Lingala, Afro Pop, Afro beat, Contemprary African etc and Western genres such as Pop, Rock, R&B, Ragga, Reggea, Gospel and Jazz

Music Shop

Music Shop

This is a music shop containing all music equipment and literature. In this shop, we have all that our client may require to satisfy his/her music demands.

 We have a variety of music equipment ranging from manual to electronic items. We have acoustic guitars, violins, clarinets, Piano Keyboards, Electric, and Bass Guitars, Drums, headphones, microphones, loud speakers, cables, amplifiers, Studio equipment to mention but a few.

 Esom Music Shop also provides a variety of music literature for sale in the form of tutorials, audio cassettes decoders, and books etc, sold at affordable prices to interested clients.