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Vocal training



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The fundamental importance of vocal/voice training is to produce persons with a vocal ability to; Command the attention of their listeners, communicate their messages clearly to influence and inspire their listeners.

Just like any instrument, the voice training also requires equal amounts of study and practice to master the skills. However, most importantly however, is that a vocalist must obtain the right techniques that do not in any way damage the vocal chords. Professional voice training therefore plays an important role.

ESOM ‘s vocal/voice trainers have dedicated time and effort to master and perfect these techniques and their sole aim is to produce other singers with the same abilities. This is done through theoretical and practical sessions at the school where students are subjected to a variety of exercises  during voice training that bring out the best of their vocals.

Authenticity and originality is another quality that is highly emphasized. Possession of a unique yet pleasant vocal is one of the key factors that have enabled our vocal students(voice training) to stand out among all the rest.

Tips of voice/vocal training

  • Good posture; upright positioning, a long back of the neck and a shot front of the neck is advisable before you start singing
  • Therapy, always not to start singing without warming up ( vocal worm ups)for at least 15 to 20mins
  • Tongue positioning, a tongue has to be behind the teeth of the lower jaw while singing, not to abstract the oral cavity.
  • Remember to use the right vocal techniques depending on the style of music, such as vibratos.
  • Always remember to keep the throat area wet for good vocal performance, by drinking a lot of water, the temperature should be room temperature and not beverages.
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33 comments on “Voice Training
  1. rachel Scott says:

    want to learn how to sing

  2. kicha Vincent says:

    wana kno how much z the tuition fee for vocal Trainin ….n how many Times does Trainin take place,Lastly how long z asemester……Dats sup!

  3. IKILAI JULIAN says:

    I really love music and singing.

  4. IKILAI JULIAN says:

    can there be a short course for voice training? I f yes, how much would it cost? thanks

  5. Privet Mouris says:

    where r u located

  6. Privet Mouris says:

    Good job
    pliz whr u located

  7. Hassan says:

    Am already a musician but a wanna polish my keys and chords can I be helped in one way or the other….or I just need to apply for the course….thank you

  8. Naava G. says:

    how about those who are coming from far palaces outside kampala ? what do they do ?

  9. Musiimemaria Eugenia says:

    I looove singing and i have been looking for a good affordable place to enroll for a vocal training program and all the places i have tried are either messed up or too expensive compared to the value of there service so thanx for introducing this at an affordable price….May God Bless You!!!!

  10. Carolyne says:

    Hello, do you do weekend classes?
    I would like to learn how to play the piano or guitar…
    I work out of town. So, I am thinking classes on sunday or Saturday afternoon.

  11. vi king jeje says:

    l need to know more

  12. marcus says:

    am a talented song writer. I would love to be part of the esom song writing team. Or partner with you guys. I recorded a song with you back then in 2011. It was produced by dan, nash wonder.will be waiting for your response thnx……

  13. Emmanuel gebra says:

    For me I wanna take an audio production course xo I want to know if voice is going to be a patlrt of it

  14. Emmanuel gebra says:

    I want to know if voice training is going to be a part of it

  15. angella says:

    Ur da best,mwe abasinga

  16. harley paplain says:

    this is the best vocal enviroment in uganda

  17. D'JUGGLER says:


  18. Akuom james says:

    I’m just beginning in singing.i want to Polish my music and get noticed.
    As in vocal training,singing and song writing please.
    I’m really into music deep

  19. Makula Julius says:

    When is the next intake?

  20. Peter Ricky says:

    am a junior song writer en a write rap a like hip hop can you u guyz help me improve my lyrical maturity in any way or another en if yes when is the my course starting so that i can start with others

  21. Peter Ricky says:

    how much can i pay for voice training, song writing, piano and vocal? pliz let me know thnx

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