Founded in 2006 with a single operating room with 3 keyboards and 3 gutairs, The Esom School of Music is now the region’s premier provider of music education. The objective of the school is to deliver high-quality professional music services and merchandise to people, groups, and organizations. Esom, which is located in the Rubaga Division of Kampala City, offers certificates in Music Production, Guitar, Piano/Keyboard, Film and Video Production, Sound Engineering, Saxophone, Djing, Drums, and Violin. More than 300 students from the East African region are currently enrolled at Esom

The Esom School of Music is a professional and academic powerhouse with a significant social impact on people’s lives. Esom’s dedication to music education is mirrored in the work of its students and graduates, many of whom have been recognized with creative industry honours. Esom is dedicated to nurturing the creative and professional potential of the region’s most inspired creative and performing artists. It is a reflection of the music industry, highlighting the connection between society and music, and a setting in which aspiring musical professionals discover how to incorporate innovative thoughts, adapt to the changing musical genres and demonstrate their skills in a constantly expanding environment.

Registered under the Ministry of Education and Sports, the Esom School of Music has been accredited by the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT)

Esom School of Music was recently named the best music school in Uganda by UG WIRE. Esom was named one of the “Elite Music Schools Shaping the Industry’s Future” by UG Colleges. The Esom School of Music was recognized by the Newslex Point as one of the institutions in Uganda that “Teach Practical Music Skills to the Youth.”

An Institution That Is Unrivaled
Students at Esom School learn about multidisciplinary approaches to music, film composition, education, technology, and other fields of endeavour. Bringing together students and alumni from all across the region, Esom establishes linkages between creative art forms and musical traditions as well as technological advancements in order to create a leading creative arts community that is dynamic, sustainable, diverse, and cooperative.

Everyone at Esom School benefits from a learning environment that is distinct and that provides a repertoire of chances to deepen and widen the Esom experience for each and every student, as well as all members of the school administration.

Our Education Approach
Our dedication to excellence and commitment to continuous improvement has propelled us to the top of the list of institutions of professional music education. Our innovative, fun, and creative approaches to music education and engagement with students enable them to reach their full potential.

Children, teens, and adults can benefit from innovative music, visual and sound engineering classes ranging from beginners to expert levels. We are the greatest music school in the area for your needs. We have programs to meet the needs of every individual.

Esom Band
Esom’s Band is an ensemble of performers that have been professionally nurtured and prepared by the School to perform effectively to a variety of audiences. This band performs all musical genres from all over the world in response to the demands of the entertainment industry in the modern global community. Every one of our performances is done live on stage with performers as well as for accompanists, using the greatest instruments available in Uganda’s music industry.

Our Mission, Values and Core Objectives

To become the largest center of musical solutions in East Africa and beyond
To provide high-quality professional music services and goods to individuals, groups and organizations.
In Eternity source of music, we aim at ensuring the following:-

  1. Offering quality services in the field of music production, training and performance to both existing and potential customers.
  2. To establish a well motivated, highly skilled and productive workforce in Uganda’s music industry.
  3. Becoming a profitable and financially sound institution capable of meeting our financial needs.
  4. Becoming the East African’s best producers of quality music through our production department.
  5. We aim at professionalizing music performances in Uganda through promotion and nurturing of young artists through specific programs, in partnership with other stakeholders.

The two ground-breaking principles upon which Esom School was established were the notions that musicality could be taught through the music of the period and that our students required practical, professional skills for fulfilling, long-lasting careers in music. 

We have shown our dedication to this strategy for more than 15 years by enthusiastically welcoming change. We update our curriculum and technologies to make them more current, and we draw in a varied student body that reflects the variety of influences in today’s music. Through the study of the arts, we equip our pupils for a lifetime of professional and personal development. Additionally, we are creating new initiatives to engage and sway an expanding audience.

Esom is now more than just a school; it is East Africa’s one and only learning laboratory for the music of today and tomorrow. We are a reflection of the music business, representing the interaction between music and culture. We are a place where aspiring musicians may learn how to incorporate new concepts, adjust to shifting musical genres, and display their unique talents in a developing community. We are at the epicenter of an expanding community of professionals who use their openness, virtuosity, and adaptability to push music in unexpected new ways.

— Daniel Innocent Kiyega, Director, Esom School of Music

Our goal in the coming years is to continue to build on our foundation of educational excellence by encouraging an ever-wider range of creative collaboration that both breaks unique creative foundation and brings the uniquely valuable qualities of music, visual arts, and sound engineering to bear on the community around us. I am motivated to join you in this amazing continuing initiative at ESOM, and I look forward to working with you.
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