Mastering the Decks with ESOM's DJing Course

Mastering the Decks at Esom's Dynamic DJ Mastery Course

Step into the electrifying world of DJing with ESOM's comprehensive course designed for aspiring DJs and music enthusiasts. Our DJing program offers a dynamic blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical training, curated by industry professionals and seasoned DJs. Embrace the art of mixing, beatmatching, scratching techniques, music production essentials, and performance skills as you immerse yourself in the vibrant realm of creating and curating sonic experiences. Whether you're a beginner seeking the fundamentals or an experienced DJ aiming to elevate your skills, ESOM's DJing course provides the expertise and platform to amplify your musical journey and craft your signature sound. Join us and turn your passion for music into an electrifying DJing adventure!

Why Choose ESOM's Djing Course?

Inclusive Curriculum Dive

Immerse yourself in a multifaceted curriculum that traverses the DJing landscape comprehensively. From mastering equipment and software to understanding the nuances of music theory and crowd psychology, our course ensures a well-rounded understanding of the DJing art form.

Mentorship by Industry Pros

Learn from industry veterans and DJ experts who offer not just theoretical knowledge but practical insights drawn from their real-world experiences. Dive into beatmatching, creative mixing techniques, crowd engagement strategies, and the finesse of curating seamless sets.

Cutting-Edge DJ Studios

Ignite your creativity in our state-of-the-art DJ studios equipped with top-tier gear and software. These purpose-built spaces offer hands-on training opportunities, allowing you to refine your skills and experiment with various setups to craft your unique sonic signature.

Spinning Soundscapes at Esom

Witness the art of DJing come to life in our course videos, showcasing students crafting vibrant sonic landscapes and energizing rhythms.

Djing Careers


Club DJ

Djing Course

As a Club DJ, your role extends beyond spinning tracks; you're the heartbeat of the party. You craft sets that blend seamlessly, captivating the audience, and creating an electrifying atmosphere. You understand the pulse of the crowd, curating mixes that elevate the energy and keep the dancefloor alive until the early hours.


Event DJ

Djing Course

As an Event DJ, you're the maestro behind memorable occasions. Whether it's weddings, corporate gatherings, or private events, your expertise lies in reading the room and crafting playlists that perfectly complement the ambiance. Your ability to set the right mood through music makes you a sought-after asset for any occasion.


Radio DJ

Djing Course

The Radio DJ role goes beyond playing songs; you're the voice behind the waves, connecting with listeners through live shows, engaging banter, and thoughtfully curated playlists. Your knack for storytelling through music and your on-air charisma makes each show a memorable experience for your audience.


Tuition Fees

At ESOM School of Music, we believe in making high-quality music education accessible to all aspiring musicians. Our tuition fees are thoughtfully structured to provide exceptional value while maintaining affordability.


Group Program

Tailored for those who thrive in a collaborative environment, these sessions are perfect for friends, family, or anyone looking to make music in a dynamic group setting.

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Private Program

Tailored to individual learning styles, this program is designed for those seeking focused attention and a customized approach to their musical journey.

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Short Course Program

Tailored for busy schedules, these focused courses offer a quick dive into specific musical skills and genres.

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Short Course

TuitionUgx 594,000 per TemUgx 888,000 per TemUgx 888,000


Registration FeeUgx 20,000Ugx 20,000Ugx 20,000
Development FeeUgx 20,000 (Per Term)Ugx 20,000 (Per Term)Ugx 20,000
Libray FeeUgx 20,000Ugx 20,000Ugx 20,000
ID FeeUgx 20,000Ugx 20,000Ugx 20,000
National ExamUgx 100,000Ugx 100,000Ugx 100,000


Lesson FrequencyOnce a WeekOnce a WeekTwice a Week
Lesson Review

Innovative Sounds in Frames

girl with blue backgroundguy winking
guy smiling
girl with bluw backgroundguy with glasses
guy with sunglasses
girl  laughingguy with glasses
group of friends
boy with blonde hair
young girl with red hairyoung girl with red hair
Students Says....

Beats, Mixes, & Testimonials

Explore the impact of our DJing course through authentic student stories. From beginners to aspiring pros, read about their journeys and how ESOM's training propelled their DJing careers forward.

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Esom School of MusicEsom School of Music
Alex M.Beginner DJ Student
"As someone completely new to DJing, ESOM's course was perfect. The patient and skilled instructors walked me through every step, from understanding equipment to mixing tracks flawlessly. I'm now confident in my ability to express myself through music!"
Esom School of MusicEsom School of Music
Jessica R.Aspiring DJ
"The DJing course at ESOM opened doors to a whole new world of creativity for me. The instructors not only taught the technical aspects but also emphasized the artistry behind DJing. Learning how to read the crowd and curate sets that resonate was a game-changer for my career!"
Esom School of MusicEsom School of Music
Noah G.Future DJ Star
"I've always wanted to pursue DJing professionally, and ESOM's course was the perfect starting point. Their focus on both technical expertise and performance artistry transformed my hobby into a potential career. Highly recommend it to anyone passionate about DJing!"

Meet the Instructors

Instructor 0

Senoga Sharif

Djing Instructor

Elite DJing Instructors

Our team comprises industry trailblazers, each a master of the turntables, seasoned in the art of mixing, beatmatching, and live performance. With extensive experience in the global DJing circuit, our instructors bring a wealth of expertise to the classroom, nurturing aspiring DJs to craft their unique soundscapes and conquer the stage. Learn from the best and ignite your DJing career with ESOM's unparalleled mentorship and guidance.

Instructor 2

Samuel Kavuma

Djing Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Ultimate DJing Course FAQ

Got questions about our DJing course? Look no further! Dive into our comprehensive FAQ section, where we address all your queries about ESOM's immersive DJing program. From equipment requirements to course duration and career prospects, find all the answers you need to kickstart your DJing journey with confidence!