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ESOM's Cutting-Edge Music Production Course

Welcome to the epicenter of sonic innovation! ESOM's Music Production Course is a gateway to a world where beats, melodies, and creativity converge. Dive into a hands-on experience where you'll master industry-standard software, harness state-of-the-art equipment, and cultivate your unique musical voice.

Why Choose ESOM's Music Production Course?

State-of-the-Art Studios

Immerse yourself in our cutting-edge studios equipped with the latest technology, providing an authentic and professional production environment.

Expert Instruction

Learn from seasoned professionals who have made their mark in the music industry. Our instructors bring a wealth of experience to guide you through the intricacies of music production.

Hands-On Projects

Put theory into practice with hands-on projects that challenge your creativity and refine your production skills. From concept to completion, you will produce your own tracks under the guidance of industry experts.

Collaborative Environment

Join a community of like-minded individuals passionate about music. Collaborate on projects, exchange ideas, and build lasting connections within our vibrant musical community.

Performance Opportunities

Showcase your creations in live settings, recording sessions, and exclusive ESOM events. Gain invaluable experience and confidence as you share your music with a supportive audience.

Music Production Mastery

Watch our students in action, creating, mixing, and mastering music in real-time. Experience the magic of music production and envision your own journey with ESOM.

Music Production Careers


Music Producer

Music Production Course

Music producers oversee the entire process of creating a song, from conception to final production. They collaborate with artists, select sound elements, and ensure the overall quality and coherence of the music.


Audio Engineer

Music Production Course

Audio engineers manage the technical aspects of recording and mixing music. They work with recording equipment, ensure optimal sound quality, and collaborate closely with artists and producers.


Mixing Engineer

Music Production Course

Mixing engineers specialize in blending and balancing individual tracks to create a cohesive and polished sound. They use their expertise to enhance the overall sonic quality of a recording.


Tuition Fees

At ESOM School of Music, we believe in making high-quality music education accessible to all aspiring musicians. Our tuition fees are thoughtfully structured to provide exceptional value while maintaining affordability.


Group Program

Tailored for those who thrive in a collaborative environment, these sessions are perfect for friends, family, or anyone looking to make music in a dynamic group setting.

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Private Program

Tailored to individual learning styles, this program is designed for those seeking focused attention and a customized approach to their musical journey.

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Short Course Program

Tailored for busy schedules, these focused courses offer a quick dive into specific musical skills and genres.

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Short Course

TuitionUgx 594,000 per TemUgx 888,000 per TemUgx 888,000


Registration FeeUgx 20,000Ugx 20,000Ugx 20,000
Music Theory BookUgx 20,000Ugx 20,000Ugx 20,000
Development FeeUgx 20,000 (Per Term)Ugx 20,000 (Per Term)Ugx 20,000 (Per Term)
Libray FeeUgx 20,000Ugx 20,000Ugx 20,000
ID FeeUgx 20,000Ugx 20,000Ugx 20,000
National ExamUgx 100,000Ugx 100,000Ugx 100,000


Lesson FrequencyOnce a WeekOnce a WeekTwice a Week
Lesson Review

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Students Says....

Hear What Our Students Say

At ESOM School of Music, these testimonials reflect our dedication to providing a transformative and enriching musical education. Join us and become a part of our thriving community of passionate and satisfied students!

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Esom School of MusicEsom School of Music
Marcus P.Emerging Music Producer
"ESOM's Music Production Course provided the perfect blend of theory and practice. The collaborative projects allowed me to explore different genres, and the performance opportunities gave me the confidence to pursue my dream in the music industry!"
Esom School of MusicEsom School of Music
Olivia S.Music Production Enthusiast
"ESOM's course was a transformative journey. The focus on individual growth, diverse projects, and the chance to work with industry-standard equipment made the learning experience immersive and rewarding. Highly recommend it to aspiring producers!"
Esom School of MusicEsom School of Music
Ava B.Music Production Alumna
"ESOM's course provided the perfect balance between creativity and technical expertise. The instructors not only shared their knowledge but also inspired us to push our boundaries. Proud to be an ESOM graduate!"

Meet the Instructors

Instructor 0

Nase Avatar

Music Production Instructor

About Instructors

Embark on a sonic journey guided by the industrys finest. Our team of Music Production instructors at ESOM School of Music is not just a group of educators; they are seasoned professionals, award-winning producers, and sound engineers dedicated to shaping the next generation of music creators.

Instructor 2

Ssuna Allan

Music Production Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

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ESOM's Music Production Course stands out with its hands-on approach, state-of-the-art facilities, and a curriculum designed by industry professionals. We emphasize creativity, technology, and real-world application, ensuring you master the art and science of music production.