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The Piano Certificate program at Esom School of Music is perfect for students of any age who want to enhance their piano skills, develop a solid understanding of music theory, and improve their overall musicianship. This comprehensive program is designed for both beginners and advanced piano players, offering a well-structured curriculum. Whether you are pursuing piano playing for personal enjoyment or aiming for a professional music career, this course will establish a strong foundation in piano performance and music theory.

Piano Certificate Program

Course Overview

Welcome to our Certificate in Piano course, a comprehensive program designed for aspiring and established pianists looking to enhance their skills.

Throughout the course, students will engage with various aspects of piano playing, musical theory, and performance. The course is divided into modules that provide a balanced approach to practical piano playing and theoretical understanding.

Course Highlights

  1. Technique: Develop finger dexterity, coordination, and speed through comprehensive studies of scales, chords, arpeggios, and etudes.
  2. Repertoire: Learn to play a variety of music from different periods and styles, including Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary.
  3. Music Theory: Gain a solid foundation in basic music theory, including notation, rhythm, harmony, and form. Analyze music and understand its structural components.
  4. Ear Training: Develop crucial skills in recognizing pitches, intervals, melody, chords, rhythms, and other fundamental elements of music.
  5. Sight Reading: Acquire the ability to read and play music notation at first sight, an essential skill for any pianist.

Gain Practical Experience
At the Piano Department, we prioritize fulfilling the unique desires and needs of every student. Our comprehensive training program is designed to foster a strong foundation in technical skills while encouraging active participation across various musical genres. From classical masterpieces to cutting-edge jazz, rock, pop, gospel, and fusion, we cover a diverse range of music that spans the spectrum of musical expression.
What You'll Learn:

  1. Master the art of reading sheet music accurately, including both the right hand and the left hand’s bass notes.
  2. Explore a diverse range of scales and discover a method to easily learn any scale.
  3. Dive into the world of chords, understanding their composition with actual notes, and exploring related concepts such as intervals, triads, inversions, chord fingerings, and more.
  4. Enhance your playing technique with valuable insights, such as effectively using the five-finger position on the keyboard, mastering thumb passage, proper hand posture for thumb and little finger extension, and techniques like staccato, accents, and musical phrasing.
  5. Discover effective practice and learning techniques that will accelerate your progress, amplify your enjoyment of playing, and enhance your overall experience in classes.
  6. Develop your ear training skills as an integral part of the course, improving your ability to recognize and reproduce musical tones.
  7. Gain proficiency in recognizing and understanding rhythms and rhythmic patterns, enabling you to play with precision and accuracy.
  8. Acquire a comprehensive understanding of music theory, enabling you to read and comprehend the piano pieces you currently practice and explore new repertoire with confidence.
  9. Engage in lessons specifically designed to enhance eye-mind-hand synchronization, optimizing memory training benefits.
  10. Learn valuable tips and strategies for preparing and performing with confidence and poise.

By enrolling in this course, you’ll unlock a world of musical knowledge, develop essential skills, and take significant strides towards becoming a proficient pianist. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate player, this comprehensive curriculum will empower you to unleash your musical potential and embark on a fulfilling journey of piano mastery.

At our Piano Program, we prioritize accessibility and welcome everyone with open arms. No specific entrance requirements are needed, and we don’t consider your educational background as a determining factor for enrollment. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their passion for playing the piano.
Speak with Our Enrollment Manager
To gain a deeper understanding of our program, we encourage you to speak with one of our enrollment managers. They possess extensive knowledge and can provide you with valuable insights. Additionally, if you require assistance in selecting the most suitable certificate program or course, our enrollment managers are here to help.

Contact us now to discuss your options and make an informed decision. You can reach our enrollment managers at the following phone numbers:

  • 0781227712
  • 0700132588

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Study at Esom School of Music

Students participating in our group piano lessons have the wonderful opportunity to cultivate friendships and become “piano buddies.” This dynamic allows them to practice together, perform delightful duets, and even engage in healthy competition with their peers. Individual piano lessons do not provide this unique social experience, making group lessons an excellent choice for fostering connections and musical growth.
Our private music lessons offer an exclusive learning environment where students receive the undivided attention of their instructor throughout the entire class session. This focused approach enables students to delve deeper into techniques and concepts, maximizing their understanding and progress. With personalized guidance, students can achieve their musical goals more effectively and efficiently.
Experience a condensed version of our comprehensive program with our short courses. These private courses span a shorter period of time, typically lasting for 6 weeks. During this intensive period, students receive two lessons per week and have ample time to practice between sessions. Short courses are ideal for individuals seeking a focused and accelerated learning experience.
At ESOM, our piano program attracts students who are passionate about discovering their unique artistic voices. They value collaborative musical partnerships that foster creativity and provide support to their fellow peers. Our students aspire to reach the pinnacle of the field alongside today’s leading pianists, drawing inspiration from their work and dedicating themselves to excellence.

Key Details

Course Duration 9 Months (3 Terms)
Duration Per Term 3 Months
Lesson Frequency Once a Week
Free Guided Practice Once a week
Personal Practice Mon – Sat
Group Intakes Feb and Aug
Private Intake Open

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Piano/Keyboard Lessons

Career Opportunities

  • Accompanist
  • Adaptive Arts Teacher
  • Bandleader
  • Church Musician
  • Concertmaster
  • Cover Band Musician
  • Cruise Ship Musician
  • Music Director (Theater and Opera)
  • Performing Songwriter
  • Private Music Instructor
  • Repetiteur
  • Piano Tuner

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Fees Structure

Private Tuition Per Term (30 Minutes Lesson) UGX 354,000
Private Tuition Per Term (45 Minutes Lesson) UGX 396,000
Private Tuition Per Term (60 Minutes Lesson) UGX 486,000
Group Tuition (Per Term) UGX 264,000 (Full payment)
Short Courses Short courses for 6 weeks twice a week
30 Minutes Lessons – UGX 384,000
45 Minutes Lessons – UGX 456,000
60 Minutes Lessons – UGX 496,000
Registration fee – UGX 20,000
Certificate fee – UGX 20,000
Requirements UGX 105,000
Term of Payment: Full Payment or First installment – 60% of Tuition
Payment Modes: Bank, Mobile Money, Cash

Our Expert Instructors

Phiona Dhik Nanziri

Phiona Dhik Nanziri

Guitar Instructor / Piano Instructor

[email protected]

Don't Miss Out! Secure Your Spot in the August 2023 Intake Piano Course Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Enroll for Piano Lessons?

To get started with your piano lessons, follow these simple steps:

  • Registration: Provide your details and fill out the registration form either in person at the school or online. The registration fee is 20,000 Ugx.
  • Payment: After completing the registration, you need to pay at least 60% of the tuition fee. Payment can be made through cash or cheque at the school reception, Airtel Money (0700132588), MTN mobile money (0781227712), or Centenary Bank (Account No. 2510301781).

What is the Fees Structure for Piano Lessons?

Here is the breakdown of the fees structure for piano lessons:


  • Admission Fee: 20,000 Ugx
  • Development Fee (Per term): 20,000 Ugx
  • Practical Theory Book: 20,000 Ugx
  • Library Fee: 20,000 Ugx
  • ID Fee: 20,000 Ugx
  • Assignment Book (Per term): 5,000 Ugx
  • Total Requirements: 105,000 Ugx

Tuition Per Term:

Private (One on One):

  • 30 Minutes Per Lesson: 354,000 Ugx
  • 45 Minutes Per Lesson: 396,000 Ugx
  • 60 Minutes Per Lesson: 486,000 Ugx
  • Group: 264,000 Ugx per term

When Are Your Intakes?
Private (one on one) piano students can enroll throughout the year. For group lessons, we have two intakes: February and August. Learn more about the differences between group and private piano lessons here.
How Long Does It Take to Finish the Piano Course?
The Piano course lasts for one year, divided into three terms. Each term takes 3 months or 12 weeks to complete.
Do I Have to Study Every Day?
No, lessons are conducted once a week. However, piano students have one guided practice session with an instructor every week and are free to practice on their own throughout the week. Practice can be done at home, provided you have the necessary equipment.
Do You Provide Accommodation?
The school does not provide accommodation. However, we can assist our long-distance students in finding affordable accommodation near the school, typically costing around UGX 500,000 per term. Note that meals are not included in the accommodation fee.
What Employment Opportunities Are Available for a Piano Graduate?
A Piano graduate can pursue various employment opportunities, including:

  1. Accompanist
  2. Adaptive Arts Teacher
  3. Bandleader
  4. Church Musician
  5. Concertmaster
  6. Cover Band Musician
  7. Cruise Ship Musician
  8. Music Director (Theater and Opera)
  9. Performing Songwriter
  10. Private Music Instructor
  11. Repetiteur
  12. Piano Tuner

Is ESOM School of Music Accredited?
Yes, ESOM School of Music is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Sports under the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT). Our accreditation number is MAC/0586.
More FAQs.
For more frequently asked questions, visit our FAQ page. We have 23 additional questions answered there.

Esom Graduation

Graduation is when a student successfully completes all of their certificate audit program requirements.
Esom School of music graduates undergraduate students once each academic year.
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