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ESOM's Comprehensive Film and Video Production Course

Embark on a transformative journey into the heart of filmmaking with ESOM's Film and Video Production Course. Our comprehensive program goes beyond the basics, providing aspiring filmmakers with an immersive and detailed exploration of the art and science of cinematic storytelling.

Why Choose ESOM's Film & Video Production Course?

Craft Your Cinematic Vision

At ESOM, we believe in empowering storytellers. Our Film and Video Production Course is crafted for aspiring filmmakers, cinematographers, and visual storytellers seeking to translate their ideas into captivating cinematic experiences. Dive into a curriculum designed by industry professionals, where theory and hands-on practice converge to nurture your unique creative voice.

Learn from Industry Titans

Our instructors are not just educators; they are industry titans with a wealth of experience in filmmaking. Benefit from their insights, guidance, and real-world knowledge as you delve into the intricacies of directing, cinematography, editing, and sound design. Master the tools used by professionals in the dynamic world of film production.

Hands-On Experience in State-of-the-Art Studios

Step into our state-of-the-art studios equipped with the latest technology. From camera equipment to post-production facilities, immerse yourself in an environment that mirrors the professional film industry. Gain hands-on experience in every aspect of the filmmaking process, preparing you for the challenges and excitement of the real world.

ESOM's Film & Video Production Masterpieces

Witness the creativity, technical prowess, and storytelling magic brought to life by our talented students. Step into a reel of inspiration and envision your own cinematic masterpiece in the making.

Music Production Careers


Film Director

Film & Production Course

Film directors, the creative visionaries of a movie, oversee the entire filmmaking process. They collaborate with writers, guide actors, make crucial creative decisions, and ensure the films artistic cohesion. Directors have a profound influence on shaping the narrative and visual style of a movie.



Film & Production Course

Cinematographers, or Directors of Photography (DPs), are responsible for capturing the visual essence of a film. They collaborate closely with the director to translate the script into visual language, utilizing camera techniques, lighting, and composition to evoke specific emotions and enhance storytelling.


Film Editor

Film & Production Course

Film editors are storytellers in their own right, shaping the narrative through the art of editing. They assemble scenes, create pacing, and collaborate with directors to bring the vision to life. Film editors play a crucial role in refining the story during post-production.


Tuition Fees

At ESOM School of Music, we believe in making high-quality music education accessible to all aspiring musicians. Our tuition fees are thoughtfully structured to provide exceptional value while maintaining affordability.


Group Program

Tailored for those who thrive in a collaborative environment, these sessions are perfect for friends, family, or anyone looking to make music in a dynamic group setting.

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Private Program

Tailored to individual learning styles, this program is designed for those seeking focused attention and a customized approach to their musical journey.

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Short Course Program

Tailored for busy schedules, these focused courses offer a quick dive into specific musical skills and genres.

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Short Course

TuitionUgx 594,000 per TemUgx 888,000 per TemUgx 888,000


Registration FeeUgx 20,000Ugx 20,000Ugx 20,000
Development FeeUgx 20,000 (Per Term)Ugx 20,000 (Per Term)Ugx 20,000 (Per Term)
Libray FeeUgx 20,000Ugx 20,000Ugx 20,000
ID FeeUgx 20,000Ugx 20,000Ugx 20,000
National ExamUgx 100,000Ugx 100,000Ugx 100,000


Lesson FrequencyOnce a WeekOnce a WeekTwice a Week
Lesson Review

Behind the Beat

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Students Says....

Voices of Visionaries

From mastering the art of storytelling to navigating the intricacies of cinematography, discover why our graduates echo success stories that resonate throughout the cinematic landscape. Hear their voices, feel their passion, and be inspired by the impact of our acclaimed program.

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Esom School of MusicEsom School of Music
Ava B.Production Designer
"I can confidently say that ESOM's Film and Video Production Course laid the foundation for my successful career in the film industry. The hands-on experience, personalized guidance, and performance opportunities set me on a path of continuous growth and exploration in the world of filmmaking."
Esom School of MusicEsom School of Music
Emily S.Director
"Choosing ESOM for my film education was the best decision. The course not only honed my technical skills but also nurtured my creative voice. The industry exposure, collaborative spirit, and emphasis on real-world applications set ESOM apart as a premier institution for aspiring filmmakers"
Esom School of MusicEsom School of Music
Alex L.Cinematographer
"Enrolling in ESOM's Film and Video Production Course was a game-changer for my career. The instructors' industry insights, collaborative projects, and exposure to real-world scenarios equipped me with the skills and confidence needed to thrive in the competitive film industry."

Meet the Instructors

Instructor 0

Samuel Saviour Kizito

Film and Video Production Instructor

Maestros Behind the Frames

Our instructors are not just educators; they are industry virtuosos, acclaimed directors, cinematographers, and sound designers with a collective passion for shaping the next generation of filmmakers. Immerse yourself in a world where expertise meets inspiration, and journey through the cinematic craft under the guidance of our dedicated and accomplished instructors.

Instructor 2

Bruhan Ashim Lubanga

Film and Video Production Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

Lights, Camera, Answers

Unlock the mysteries of our Film and Video Production Course with answers to your burning questions. From the magic behind the lens to the secrets of post-production, embark on a journey of cinematic discovery. Here are the FAQs that shine a spotlight on your path to becoming a filmmaker extraordinaire.