Embark on a Sonic Adventure

ESOM's Sonic Alchemy Vocal Training Course

Welcome to ESOM School of Music's Vocal Training Course, a realm where voices transcend and become instruments of extraordinary expression. Dive into the essence of your unique sound, unlocking the secrets of vocal artistry in a transformative journey that transcends traditional training.

Why Choose ESOM's Vocal Training Course?

Cultivating Vocal Mastery

Our Vocal Training Course is a personalized odyssey for those who seek to master the craft of singing. Immerse yourself in a curriculum curated by vocal virtuosos, blending time-honored techniques with cutting-edge insights. Explore the depths of your vocal range and elevate your artistry to levels you never thought possible.

Guided by Vocal Maestros

Beyond instructors, our faculty are vocal maestros, seasoned professionals who have graced stages and studios with their remarkable voices. Benefit from their expertise as they unravel the nuances of vocal expression, offering insights garnered from real-world experiences in the diverse landscapes of the music industry.

Sonic Sanctuaries for Creative Exploration

Step into our avant-garde studios, designed not just for practice but for creative exploration. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide the perfect sonic sanctuaries for sculpting your vocal identity. Whether your heart beats to various genres or craves a unique style, our studios are where vocal innovation thrives.

Vocal Training Course in Motion

Experience the magic of vocal transformation through ESOM's Vocal Training Course videos. Unveil the journey of aspiring voices as they refine their artistry, explore diverse styles, and embrace the stage. These captivating course videos provide a glimpse into the dynamic world of vocal training at ESOM—a space where passion meets technique, and voices are sculpted into instruments of unparalleled expression.

Vocal Training Careers


Vocal Coach

Vocal Training Course

Vocal coaches guide individuals in developing their singing voices. They provide personalized instruction on vocal techniques, breathing exercises, and performance strategies to enhance vocal skills.


Choir Director

Vocal Training Course

Choir directors lead and conduct choirs, guiding members in vocal techniques, harmonies, and overall musical expression. They play a crucial role in shaping the sound and performance of the choir.


Vocal Therapist

Vocal Training Course

Vocal therapists work with individuals to address vocal challenges, such as speech disorders or vocal strain. They use therapeutic techniques to improve vocal health and communication.


Tuition Fees

At ESOM School of Music, we believe in making high-quality music education accessible to all aspiring musicians. Our tuition fees are thoughtfully structured to provide exceptional value while maintaining affordability.


Group Program

Tailored for those who thrive in a collaborative environment, these sessions are perfect for friends, family, or anyone looking to make music in a dynamic group setting.

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Private Program

Tailored to individual learning styles, this program is designed for those seeking focused attention and a customized approach to their musical journey.

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Short Course Program

Tailored for busy schedules, these focused courses offer a quick dive into specific musical skills and genres.

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Short Course

TuitionUgx 264,000 per Term30 Mins - Ugx 354,000 per Term
45 Mins - Ugx 396,000 per Term
60 Mins - Ugx 486,000 per Term
30 Mins - Ugx 384,000
45 Mins - Ugx 456,000
60 Mins - Ugx 496,000


Registration FeeUgx 20,000Ugx 20,000Ugx 20,000
Music Theory BookUgx 20,000Ugx 20,000Ugx 20,000
Development FeeUgx 20,000 (Per Term)Ugx 20,000 (Per Term)Ugx 20,000
Libray FeeUgx 20,000Ugx 20,000Ugx 20,000
ID FeeUgx 20,000Ugx 20,000Ugx 20,000
National ExamUgx 100,000Ugx 100,000Ugx 100,000


Lesson FrequencyOnce a WeekOnce a WeekTwice a Week
Lesson Review

Vocal Tapestry

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Students Says....

Echoes of Success

Step into the enchanting world of vocal excellence through the heartfelt narratives of ESOM's Vocal Training Course graduates. In 'Vocal Chronicles,' our students share their transformative journeys, from conquering stage fright to discovering their unique voices. These testimonials resonate with the passion, growth, and empowerment that define the extraordinary experience of the Vocal Training Course at ESOM School of Music.

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Esom School of MusicEsom School of Music
Jackson M.Vocal Enthusiast
"Enrolling in ESOM's Vocal Training Course was the best decision I made for my singing career. The instructors' expertise and the supportive community created an environment where I felt free to explore and push my vocal boundaries. I've grown not just as a singer but as an artist."
Esom School of MusicEsom School of Music
Alex B.Novice Singer
"As a complete beginner, I was nervous about joining a vocal training course. However, ESOM made the learning experience so enjoyable and accessible. The gradual progression of difficulty in the exercises allowed me to build a strong foundation, and now I feel more confident in my singing abilities."
Esom School of MusicEsom School of Music
Sophia D. Independent Vocalist
"What sets ESOM apart is the focus on practical application. From performing live to recording in the studio, the course prepares you for real-world scenarios. The constructive feedback from instructors helped me refine my technique and become a more versatile vocalist."

Meet the Instructors

Instructor 0

Able Buyinza

Vocal Training Instructor

Maestros Behind the Frames

Our instructors are not just teachers; they are vocal maestros, seasoned performers, and industry professionals who bring a wealth of experience to the classroom. Dive into a world where passion meets precision, and learn from mentors dedicated to shaping your vocal journey with wisdom, encouragement, and an unwavering commitment to the art of singing.

Instructor 2

Shallom Namwanje

Vocal Training Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

Vocal Mastery Demystified

Uncover the nuanced details that define our program, from refining vocal skills to preparing for a dynamic career in the music industry. Join us as we unveil the rich tapestry of insights that will guide you through the transformative experience at ESOM School of Music